Gran Turismo 5 Vs Forza 3 - AI comparision

Eurogamer Portugal published an video comparing the AI of the two games. Who is more dumb?

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andron6662451d ago

Probably those making these Ai comparison videos...

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2451d ago

The hilarious part is that these Forza advocates are actually starting to believe in the delusion that Forza is on par with Gran Turismo series.

It's not. And it never will be.

tehReaper2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )


Really, now? Here are the scores from the last two full games


Forza 2 : 90
Forza 3 : 92

Gran Turismo 4 : 89
Gran Turismo 5 : 86

The only one delusional here, is you.

Tr10wn2451d ago


This is N4G, GT5 is B3YOND everything here, even if is not true, giving the fact that Forza 3 have 400 cars with DLC all of them with damage, interiors, customization and "COUGH" graphics. Still with the facts which are all real nothing is worthy enough for the mighty 200p/800s of GT5! "Quantity over Quality"

lokiroo4202451d ago

Hahahahaha, forza cars have graphics, hahahahaha, forza cars are on par with standard gt5 cars.

Biggest2451d ago

Screw the AI. Why do there seem to be so many more cars in GT5? That last video showed ten cars to three.

darthv722451d ago

I am someone who can respect BOTH games for what they offer. Why is it so hard for a GT fan to accept there are Forza fans and vice versa.

BOTH games are impressive and yet still only scratch the surface of delivering the real experience of driving at speeds in excess of 100mph.

Speed...that sensation that just has to be felt to be realized.

ambientFLIER2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )


"forza cars are on par with standard gt5 cars."

Perhaps you need glasses if you believe that BS. Forza cars don't look as good as the Premium GT models, but they are certainly way above the low res garbage that is standard cars ported over from GT4.

ShinMaster2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I think the cars did a good job at managing to drive around your car after colliding in GT5.


Metacritic counts scores from anonymous sources and even sites like EDGE.
I see you guys like to use certain things when convenient.

Like it or not, Forza will NEVER be bigger and reach the greatness of GT.

evilunklebud2451d ago

@ ShinGino

Just as you choose to ignore "certain things when convenient".

Sony3602451d ago


Does "delusional" mean "someone who likes the better game" to you? Because Forza proved to be the better game, so you're right about it not being "on par", because it's better.

RageAgainstTheMShine2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

If its from
Digital Foundry,
any gaming website on Microsoft's payroll

....never mind their articles they are complete waste of time!!!

ambientFLIER2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Clearly, everyone must be paid off with Halo swag!!! How dare they not like the perfection that is GT5???!!11

tehReaper2451d ago


I'm just stating the general consensus. The majority of reviewers think the Forza series is very much on par with the GT series. I presented an average of scores, nothing more.

stagga2450d ago

@Dem0n It's incredible that even when you just post the metacritic scores that show Forza to have better reviews than GT you have 100% more 'disagree's than 'agree's. Come on fanboys, you can't disagree with him for printing a (easily checkable) statistic! What the hell is wrong with you?

Also what that video shows is that both games appear to have slightly retarded AI but only in a very rare situation. I'd like to see more comparisons of the racing AI- where and how do they pass each other, do they make mistakes etc.

ExplosionSauce2450d ago

You guys take scores too seriously. I've played better games than those that "scored" higher.

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toaster2451d ago

>published an video
>published an


For the record I still think GRID has the best opponent AI.

JsonHenry2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Anyone else know how to get Forza 3 to play across 3 monitors? It has settings in the menu but I can't find out what hardware adapters I need for my my monitors to get it to work..

EDIT- never mind. You have to own 3 copies of the game and 3 xbox 360s. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Tr10wn2451d ago

I like how the AI Comparison mix with 3 copy of forza and 3 xbox. Congrats on your very off topic contribution.

EDIT- now that we are off topic, add me on PSN "Sanadar" so we can grind those wall with those awesome 800 standards cars :)

bageara2451d ago

GT5 is getting so much attention, everybody is talking about it...who needs advertising eh :D

Cueil2451d ago

it's like asking what retarded kid is smarter... AI in racing has not even come close to reaching a level that is exceptible

PS360PCROCKS2451d ago

::cough:: acceptable ::cough::

seinfan2451d ago

Saying something is retarded and having a blatant misspelling (not simply a typo) is pretty ironic.

iPad2451d ago

Just face Forza fans. GT5 is better. IT'S The Real Driving Simulator

A7XEric2451d ago

Which is why it has no sort of visual customization, much less the absurdly deep visual customization of Forza, or the enormous online component that again Forza has? Metacritic and Gamerankings scores don't lie.

zeddy2451d ago

the ai cars reverse in gt5, didnt see that in forza.

baodeus2451d ago

actually it did in forza at 1:06, why don't you look at it closer. The yellow try to back up, but other cars are just right behind it.

UnbiasedTroll2451d ago

GT5 had a huge pile up at the end :D

phinch2451d ago

because it could handle enough cars on the track to cause a "pile up"

MNicholas2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

as both demonstrated errors.

The difference is that one is handling 16 cars and the other just 8.

The difference in the quality of effects is apparent as well.

While skidding tires in GT5 generated puffs of tire smoke that gently wafted away with the direction of the breeze, Forza 3 is sterile, artificial, and static.

Even at low resolution, GT5's vastly superior lighting and car models is apparent. It's amazing to think that GT5 not only looks better, reacts more realistically, and handles twice as many AI cars, but also renders at 50% better resolution.