Skate ingame video roundup

Some Skate video's have been released, Xboxkings big roundup gives you all these insane tricks at one place right after each other.

These IGN video's show Tony Hawk's Proving Ground has a real competitor to beat.

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TheMART3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Post is updated after wrong embedding... thanks admins

Mr PS33614d ago

Sucks just like you mart did you approve it yourself 5 times sucka

TheMART3614d ago

That's virtually impossible, because you can only have one account on N4G. Plus, you also need to get that account to posterstatus.

But with a username like that, I wouldn't expect anything else actually.

Mr PS33614d ago

Again there SkidMart now go fantasise over your favourite poster of bill

IPlayGames3614d ago

hit the ground stay in one position and slide. Can i get some rag doll or something more realistic like a roll and pop up like "im ok".

Unless this was online the game looks kinda boring i hope this wasnt a story mode challenge.

felidae3614d ago

yeah, this game is going to kick ass.

Bye Tony!