GameState | NBA Jam (PS3 and 360) Review

NBA JAM, the game that went ballistic in the arcades with the mighty BOOMSHAKALAKA! Most South Africans most likely got a taste of the game on the popular 16bit Sega Megadrive. The original has now made it’s way as a remake onto every console, the most critically acclaimed being the Nintendo Wii.

GameState got a 360 copy, so this review strictly pertains to both PS3 and 360 versions. The Wii gets left out of this equation.

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WobblyOnion2733d ago

As fun as it is, I still reckon the 360/Ps3 versions should have been $15 downloadable titles instead of full priced retail games. I'm glad it is available to people who didn't want to have to buy NBA elite just for the token though.

granthinds2733d ago

Ye, that was my initial issue with this game. I think other sites were too lenient with their scores in relation to what you get for your money. Fun but weak.

BradyRuiters2733d ago

Yeah, I have to agree. This should have been the price of an add on. Like Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

vrylstminute2733d ago

Looks like a pretty lame game tbh... :(

Darranged2733d ago

I dont care how freaky-lookin those big-headed players look, this game looks like some old-school fun!

BradyRuiters2733d ago

Ah the memories...I remember playing this when it was on the Sega Genesis. Was by far one of the best games I played. Used to rent it A LOT!

granthinds2733d ago

This was by far my most rented game in my 13's. Yes, i just said in my 13's.

BradyRuiters2733d ago

13's??? Grant you know the Playstation was out when you were 13, right? Because I was 10 when I got mine. So maybe your 11's or 12's? :3

tinman2733d ago

I want this game, hard.

granthinds2733d ago

Becareful what you wish for. I really don't feel it's worth the money unless you're renting it or picking it up in a bargain bin. I'm scared to say this, but I feel it's the Facebreaker of basketball games.

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