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sinncross2732d ago

lol how much sense does it make taking a pistol as your core weapon against a small army of rifle yielding robots...

that said this could be considering its apparently the Yakuza dev team, though I'm worried that it may come off as generic.

Game-ur2732d ago

I want a Snatcher remake, I want a Snatcher remake, I want a Snatcher remake.

For real this looks promising, the Yakuza devs are really prolific.

Chris3992732d ago

"Generic". Seems campy and not necessarily in a good way. Something about this type of design and vision reminds me of Quantum Theory. And we all know how that turned out. Big fan of the Yakuza series, but this is out of touch. Even the name reads like a bad translation.

So far Bayonetta and Vanquish come to mind as being some of only games that seem to have fused East/ West successfully.

This is just a cinematic trailer though, maybe the game plays really well. Anyone else feel like there's just too many games these days (was an article about that the other day)? I just don't have the time to play all the so-so or not my favorite genre ones.

Masamori Sumimura2732d ago

This looks graphicaly like Vanquish with Gears of War like characters.

ASide from that game looks pretty good and that twist at the end surprised me somewhat.

N4GAddict2732d ago

I am a big fan of Yakuza. I hope this ends up as good

morganfell2732d ago

Great Yakuza games to a cliched, sterotypical title. WTH happened?

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chidori soukou2732d ago

Wow.. that was really average :/

anyway, thanks for mw2 games ruined another japanese devs..

zetsuei12732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Jesus that can't be more generic.

Saw 10 cliches at the first minute. We love japenese games because....THEY ARE JAPANESE GAMES with its own characteristics. Yakuza dev's must be hot on Marijuana for doing this.

krisq2732d ago

Japanese developers are definitely getting out of touch this gen.

j-blaze2732d ago

japanese devs are still the masters of this industry, no one can match their creativity !

western devs are getting out of touch IMO yu know, imitating each other in making generic FPS games and they talk about is "graphics" and thats it ...

yoshiroaka2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

He tells the chick "try not to hit me" haha sexism...

"wake up fool!!"

The problem wih the japanese is that when they westernize their games, they westernize the wrong parts of them and just make them worse. They need to improve the presentation and writing of their games, not the material of the story or gameplay type.

This looks okish but im not completely sold.

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The story is too old to be commented.