Examiner: Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2 Review

Examiner: The Dragon Ball Z series was one of the biggest things to hit the US shores in the 90s for numerous reasons: the allowance of mainstream anime and manga, quirky little catchphrases such as, “Over 9,000!” and of course the simple magic that was the show. Yet those powerful, stylish moves, gratuitous powering up, and urgency to save the world never really carried over when it came to a legitimate game experience. Thus, it hurts when Namco Bandai’s latest game, Raging Blast 2, doesn’t even scratch what it should for the game.

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matey2760d ago

360 gets an award 4 worse reviewed game of all time hey ha ha ha ha ha]

Klipz-Wish2760d ago

The game is not this bad