Arcania Gothic 4: the NGG Review

Justin Robson of NGG writes: "Gothic is a series you’ve most likely heard of but never played. Arcania: Gothic 4 is the first game to be featured on a console and also the first game in the series to be made by Spellbound (the previous games were developed by Piranha Bytes) and probably the first many people will play. Set ten years after Gothic 3, you take on the role of a nameless hero faced with the task of getting revenge for his fallen island home of Fesher. Your quest for revenge is not simple however, you soon find out the rest of the world has fallen into chaos and that the attack on your peaceful home wasn’t just a random act of violence. Gothic 4 is an epic RPG adventure filled with danger and risk, but will this previously unknown – and admittedly poorly received – series capture your attention over RPG’s like Fallout New Vegas and Fable 3?"

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