Fallout New Vegas: the NGG Review

Justin Robson of NGG writes: "New Vegas is the follow up/expansion to Bethesda’s Fallout 3. Bethesda has passed on the reigns to Obsidian Entertainment, best known for their work on the Neverwinter Nights series and Alpha Protocol. New Vegas is set in, you guessed it, Las Vegas in the distant future of 2277 a long time after the [supposed] end of the world. Unlike Fallout 3, in New Vegas you start out as a lone, unnamed courier who, upon delivering a top secret package, was shot by a shifty character named Benny and left for dead. You’re rescued however and your goal is firstly revenge, secondly to find out the truth about why you were betrayed and what the package contained. From here you’re let loose into the Mad Max style wasteland of the Mojave desert and what you do/who you become is up to you. Is Obsidian’s attempt at a Fallout game a success, or is it just more of the same?"

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