Get a free game thanks to Steam's screw up

Good ‘ole Valve, noticing the harsh economic times that us gamers are facing decided to throw us a bone.

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NRG2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

They just took care of it a few moments ago as I post this but I was able to get a hold of the game while it was still working. All I have to say is... BORING.

So if you missed out on this, not a real loss unless you already had your eye on this game.

chak_2668d ago

strongly disagree, KB is a really really strong game.

homm lover should have it

Bolts2668d ago

I'm not sure about that KB is hard as hell. It pits you with against almost impossible odds.

JsonHenry2667d ago

The game is a really good game. But it is hard as hell. However, I was never really good at these types of games so maybe it is just me.

Raendom2668d ago

Shame I already have this game. :(

ELite_Ghost2667d ago

yea not sure what they talking about...


This is the type of advice that landed me in jail.

toaster2668d ago

If more people lurked the N4G forums then they would have known this hours ago. I snatched it literally 5 minutes before it vanished.

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