Is Kinect the new Wii this holiday season?

Just a few years ago, parents and gamers alike were lining up in the dark for a chance to snag the impossible-to-find Wii at their local Target or Toys 'R Us. Nowadays, walking into a store to scoop up a Wii is a cakewalk; good luck finding an Xbox Kinect motion-control camera, though.

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Samus HD2786d ago

no no no no no nooo..,/
Wii is always best in holidays

OhReginald2786d ago

ya thats why right now I am having the hardest time trying to sell my like new wii with 6 core games, 2 wiimotes, wii motion plus on one wants the freaking thing...

matey2786d ago

Ur gay selling wii 4 a camera missing out on Goldeneye 4 Kinect-animals what a plum and Skyward Sword and Last Story not to mention Conduit2 u plum the next hardware i buy is 3DS thats it then in 2012 Wii2 the wii has best games this holiday season end of Donkey Kong has had better reviews than 95% of 360 games let alone Kinect games which are 10x worse than standard 360 games ur a plum.

Samus HD2786d ago

it is just one word comparing to games "Nintendo"
nintendo games are the best ( I'm not just saying that - see it for yourself - that's a fact)

matey2786d ago

No chance i mean the Wii has proper games 4 christmas with Goldeneye,Donkey Kong,Mario all stars,Fluidity,Also some great package deals like Black Wii Console,Black Balance board,Mario Kart,Black wheel,Wiisports both,DK built in,£149.99 same price as Kinect 4 all that who except some kids will want Kinect with below average reviewed games over wii with some of the best reviewed games this gen all in 1 package 4 the price of a camera with broken games i mean Mario Kart has been in top 10 all formats charts since release if a kinect game does this ill faint.

DJMarty2786d ago Show
Mr Tretton2786d ago

The Wii is being readily supplied more. Kinect is just not in higher production.

In a year no one will be playing Kinect. What, it doesn't play my Halos???