BioShock Update Released Today, No Word from 2K

A BioShock autoupdate was released today and there has been no word from 2K for its purpose.

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fiercescuba4066d ago

Does anyone have any insight on this? I did not know the game had issues worth updating.

Stella4066d ago

Maybe the patch will make the game fun? Or worth all the stupid hype?

Saint Sony4066d ago

Play the game first, whine then. I know it makes some teens angry that PS3 does not have equally good games as Bioshock.

Poor Stella, becoming adult makes people often crazy. Teen angst is a normal thing, don't worry.

snoop_dizzle4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

would have a temper tantrum.

for the record i like both. More so bioshock though.

drunkpandas4066d ago

Possibly widescreen bug fixes? Or maybe they fixed the glitch where the Big Daddy looked like his was masturbating after he was killed (video was on n4g a few days ago).

Crazyglues4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Maybe it's an update to fix the widescreen problem.

thereapersson4066d ago

That's just a side effect that comes with the Havok physics engine

Cat4066d ago

possibly, they did promise a patch (though i thought that whole episode reeked of b.s.), and many folks on this site have pointed out that the cropped image was a way around frame rate issues. some folks are reporting that having completed the download, the game is lagging.

drunkpandas4066d ago

I just grabbed the update. There's no new choices in the options menu to change the aspect ratio or frame or anything like that (which was previously alluded to by Ken Levine).

That's not saying it didn't fix the widescreen issues, but there's no option there.

marionz4066d ago

maybe its to fix the annoying texture pop ups that happen and get worse as the game goes on, i hope so because it really made the game look bad!
im actually surprised this issue wasnt mentioned more in reviews, textures that pop in as your standing right next to them is unacceptible

Dr Pepper4066d ago

This happens with a lot of games. It was pretty bad in Gears of War also.

marionz4066d ago

the texture pop up on gears was no where near as bad as in bioshock, the only plac i saw it in gears was the first cutscene, and the window in the petrol station where you get the junker, its happening all the time in bioshock now, it started getting really bad after arcadia and now just looks awefull! great graphics sure, but they suffer badly because of this, im sick of the unreal engine!
i would have been harsher on this game then the reviewers have been, dont get me wrong i love it and im addicted, ive been five days without bioshock and cant wait to get back into it, but it still doesnt deserve to be up there with zelda oot as one of the best games ever

razer4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

I've haven't noticed any texture pop-ups in the game on 360.. I will have to go back and see if I missed them. You mention it gets worse as the game progress's maybe you need to clear your cache or you got a bum system?

I've played the game thru twice now.

Dr Pepper4066d ago

@ marionz

It definitely is pretty bad on Bioshock (worse than Gears, but I still noticed it plenty of times on that game as well). I pretty much expect it now when I put the game in (it seems, at least to me, the worst when I start it up after not playing it for a while).

marionz4066d ago

nah its not the cache or console, both are fine and i cleared the cache too, its a problem and people have been going on about it a bit on the 2k forums, i only noticed small things poping up here and there untill the level where you have to get the photos, that was the worst, the next level still had a bit but not as bad as the previous level, ive moved on to the next level now but not played it enough to see any pop out textures yet
but its there and it takes you out of the experience once you notice how bad it is, some dead bodies ive seen have had no texture and they stay kind of a deep red colour, check the 2k forums, anyway i hope they fix it cos im really picky when it comes to things like this

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WhyamIposting4066d ago

I would not mind some more plasmids and/or tonics (I'm greedy!), but I doubt that there would be a content update already, possible but unlikely.

taz80804066d ago

now that is an interesting idea, add more ocntent already? i think its too soon, perhaps there were osme reported minor bugs they wanted to fix, that or maybe MS is using it to scan machines again?

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