Kinect Sex: Coming Soon to a Console Near You?

Microsoft Kinect: When Tech Meets Sex
If you want to know about the possibilities of Kinect sex, just ask Kyle Machulis. Machulis, aka "qdot," runs a site called (Google it at your own risk). The site, which I probably shouldn't mention by name more than once, focuses on the meeting point between sex and tech. It featured a blog this week exploring the idea of X-rated uses for Kinect-enabled Xboxes (hat tip to the crew from CNET for finding the page).

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Arup022457d ago

lol, imagine what u can do with the PSMove controller...

greenisgood2457d ago

title say it all.
kinects gets with the business.

Cevapi882457d ago

something different and way out there...but the PR damage that MS would have to deal with would be too much imo if this became available on the xbox

anh_duong2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

kinect + vibrating move controller ?!!!? hmmm...

zootang2457d ago

Thing is....

They'll be watching!

RedDead2457d ago

Does she come with kinect?

Zydake2457d ago

thats the only reason to buy a kinect if she comes with it

RedDevils2457d ago

so is this like those webcam sex? *roll eyes*

egidem2457d ago

Xrated Xboxes coming near you...oh god and people thought the Move looked like a d&ldo.

SkyCrawler2457d ago

With Kinect, You are the dildo....

I keed I keed

DarnTruth2457d ago

The XXXBox was always a joke that would never be a reality...until now


Myst2457d ago

So...this will be a how to type of thing?

RBdrift2457d ago

If anyone actually needs this game then they desperately need to put down the controller and get out more.