Tech2's most underrated games of 2010 takes a look at some of the awesome games in 2010 that you probably didn't end up playing.

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NecrumSlavery2699d ago

Singularity is a good game. It has a slew of annoyances but still a 110% must rent.

Spidey was decent. Story was trash. I really hope Rocksteady does a Spiderman Noir game. You wanted your edgy Arkham Spidey, well its awesome & right here.

I'd add Castlevania. Its getting the shaft buts its GOTY worthy IMHO. Almost GOW/UC quality

Bolts2699d ago

Singularity reeks of being a Bioshock clone in plot and structure. The problem is I'm tired of Bioshock and Bioshock 2.

xenophage2699d ago

Not really man. The BioShock vibe was undeniable but it was more than just a cheap BioShock clone.

Arup022699d ago

I have Blur and SM:Shattered Dimensions. They're both great games, it's sad that Spider Man is so linear and repetitive, but it's very enjoyable be able to play with 4 different Spider Mans from different dimensions. As for Blur, it's one of the best online racers i've played. It's so fun and fast-paced. I can't say nothing about the other games, cuz i never played them.

xenophage2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

@ Necrum: Castlevania wasn't added because it didn't release in India officially. Nor did Enslaved.

@ Arup: Agreed. Blur was awesome. I told everyone I knew to pick it up on Steam's Thanksgiving sale :P

NecrumSlavery2699d ago


Enslaved was pretty rough. Some of the story was funny, but over all the game is very mediocre.

greenisgood2699d ago

this games are so much better and funner then some overly hyped games that take 5 yrs to make and Fails to meet any of the hype given.
and if you cant figure the game its a recent racing game, who was suppose to be a forza killer but got brutatly own by it.

Sitris2699d ago

Thats why it outsold Forza in one week. RRRRRIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTTTT.

mobijoker2699d ago

Split second and blur was too foolish to come at the same time.The audience got divided and they both got the beating.Two fast awesome arcade games.Singularity was a cheap copycat.IMO!Alpha protocol was the most underrated game this year.Yes its buggy and sega published it!But it got some real innovation in it.

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