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Between poor level design, boring combat, and hamfisted attempts at over-the-top explicit content, Splatterhouse is a mess.

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xino2640d ago

6.0 Presentation
7.0 Graphics
6.0 Sound
4.0 Gameplay
6.0 Lasting Appeal
Overal 4/10

These guys must be serious now, it's like they would only give your game 8/10 IF the publisher pays them!

NecrumSlavery2640d ago

The Overall is a 5.8 or a 6/10. I mean I get IGN is the new EDGE, but jeez, be a little consistent.

ChineseDemocracy2640d ago

I don't see the point in assigning a numerical score to the aspects of the game when they don't use an average for the overall rating.

lord_of_balrogs2640d ago


Probably because they consider some aspects of a game more important than another? I'm sure many would find gameplay or graphics > all other apsects. That's my reasoning on why IGN doesn't use an average.

sulack2640d ago

Because if a games graphics are shit but plays amazingly then an average would just pull it down

RedDead2640d ago

See? And people are complaining about the Gt5 review score...
8.5 from them should be considered atleast a 9.5 from everywhere else these days.

kerrak2640d ago

This is my score of ign reviews:
Presentation 4
Exhaustiveness 3
Consistency 2
Usefulness 1
Overall 0

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qface642640d ago

i don't see what the problem is i knew this game was gonna flop and flop hard

i expect all other reviews t be just as bad

princejb1342640d ago

so is official this game sucks
but i expected that dou

CrzyFooL2640d ago

The game doesn't suck - it's for people who like old school brawlers and blood and metal. It's not for everyone but it definitely doesn't suck.

DeleteThisxx2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Yeah, this game totally sucks because one person says so.

Congratulations, you're ignorant and can't develop your own opinion on anything.


They gave God Hand a 3.0 yet it still managed to end up on their Top 100 PS2 games....Haha

Shmotz2640d ago

Still gonna rent it for the fun.

Arup022640d ago

lol IGN strikes again... But i like them, i don't know why people hate them.

riksweeney2640d ago

I hated the way they ragged on Godhand. It was fantastic.

A tough game, but fair game.

jellybalboa2639d ago

i absolutely loved god hand, its 1 of those games that i remember from the ps2

greenisgood2640d ago

geez ign suck so badly.
idont trust them at all.

drunkonjudgement2640d ago

Dude, IGN's review makes me think they didn't play through the entire game. You should check out our review for a more positive look.

CrzyFooL2640d ago

Notice how they don't mention the arena mode at all?? or the original games and how they play? They are really good ports, and the arena mode is fun as hell.

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