Stranglehold Ships (360 version)

Stranglehold for the 360 just shipped to stores. PC and PS3 versions will follow with delays of a week to a few weeks.

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Morbius4204122d ago

I've had this game since Saturday! Don't get your hopes up the game is meh and a letdown after spending some time with BioShock.

NextGen24Gamer4122d ago

And I absolutely love it. Its a fantastic game. The graphics, gameplay, ect...If you liked the demo...You will love the game. I love my bio shock, two worlds, blue dragon, and now this...I divide my time between those games as much as I can...I have to be honest....its too much with so little time in a day outside of work. LOL....But everything will hault for months once Halo 3 comes out and my Nba 2k8 game. WOW....Its a great time to be a gamer. When games get delayed which is rare for the 360....I'm actually elated...It gives me time to beat all the other AAA games. I was so happy when GTA, Unreal, and Haze was announced for 2008 rather than this year. I don't know how I could have played them with Mass Effect and Halo 3 out.