10 Reasons Why You Need to Play Phantasy Star Portable 2

As part of the staff at Sarcastic Gamer, I am well aware that it has been over 90 days since the release of Phantasy Star Portable 2 for the PSP. However, seeing as I have already clocked over 110 hours into this game with no sign of stopping, I figured, why keep all of this obsession… er… ah…. fun to myself.

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Myst2788d ago

Man I really wanted to get this game on release, but it snuck past me and I got other games. I NEED to get this game and it has online without the need of Ad-hoc party of xlink? Kick ass....

knifefight2788d ago

I don't get it. Is the sarcastic gamer telling me all this because he does or doesn't like the game?

kasasensei2788d ago

Free umm? I should take a look then :)

Wayu2788d ago

Visit PSOWorld for more information. We've got a great forum of people, as well as veterans from both the JP and EU/US version of this game, myself included. We'll answer any questions you have may have there.

Well, at least we'll try. Or I'll try. Whatever =P.

Also, if you read this, hi Crazy.


Greek God2788d ago

Where the ef is Phantasy Star Portable 1 in the German PSN?????