Need for Speed series screenshot comparison

It has been 16 years since the first Need for Speed series was launched, and I still have very fond memories playing it on an old DOS PC. It has been a long time and I thought it would be very fitting with the most recent release, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, to take a Sunday drive through the old neighborhood where we grew up and finally heading back home to where we are at now.

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RedDragan2784d ago

You know the old saying...

If you need half naked girls to sell the product, then it isn't worth the purchase.

Sums up NFS really... Most Wanted was ok but everything else is paff!

Red_Orange_Juice2784d ago

yes Most Wanted was the best

MaxOpower2784d ago

Yeah, my PS3 went down a little while ago, and one of the games I replayed was NFS MW, still holds up great.

toaster2784d ago

Dunno about you but the games were pretty fun. Chicks were just a bonus.

ct032784d ago

"Most Wanted was ok but everything else is paff!"

I suppose you never played NFS: Porsche, the best of the series.

christian hour2784d ago

The original hot pursuit or hot pursuit 2, are definitely my favourites! It all went downhill after the fast and the furious came out and they felt the need to appeal to the boy racer generation.

RedDevils2784d ago

Yeah I like hot pursuit too, really enjoy it, it feel more intense imo

Lightsaber2784d ago

all MW was missing was some online play the new HP isnt all that great. You bare bump into something and you car "crashes" I love in mw that I could ram a road block do a U turn and ram it again

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Simco8762784d ago

Was hoping to see some screens of these chicks. Dislike

HellzAssassin2784d ago

Naaah, NFS:HP2 is still by far one of the best racing games ever. NFS:U was alright, but after that, NFS went downhill.

GT5 may take the crown as my personal best racing game ever soon enough though because it's... amazing O_O

HellzAssassin2784d ago

And holy crap, NFS2:SE!!! I still have the disk for that on PC XD. Soo awesome! :)

Ravenor2784d ago

Same, it came in this 3 pack of EA PC games including NHL 98 and Sim City 2000. NFS2 actually looked really good with a 3dFX card, unfortunately I'll probably never see it running on a 3dfx card ever again.

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