TGH: Dead Nation Review

TGH writes: It’s been a long time we have seen from Housemarque and their next big downloadable game. That downloadable game is called Dead Nation. Dead Nation is a twin-stick shoot’em up and puts the player into tense situations with zombies. From Super StarDust HD to Dead Nation is a big overhaul from a peaceful rock destroying adventure to an undead city filled with blood and guts adventure. Does Dead Nation gives us that same addicting feel that Super StarDust HD gave or is it just another zombie game within the sea of zombie games this year?

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Rhezin2697d ago

this game is amazing, especially because of the couch co-op and the upgrades and the weapons and the graphics and the thing where you can see which nation is owning at this game and the claws and the fire and the wings.

ShadyDevil2696d ago

Great title, worth every penny.