Defense Department discusses new Sony PlayStation supercomputer

The Blu-ray function is disabled, so no, you won't find Defense Department engineers on the job watching "Avatar" in high def while running classified satellite images through their new supercomputer that harnesses banks of Sony PlayStation video gaming consoles.

Also, the Defense engineers didn't go to Toys R Us or Sears to buy those 1,760 PlayStations. They worked directly with Sony and one of its distributors.

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truegame2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Gaming Journalist sucks. I remember when the other OS was taken out, many writers said Sony strewed over the government, if they did the proper research like other media's then could have contacted Sony/Gov and found out they had a special deal with Sony for the PS3. If you had a special deal, I think they would fix them for the government and put back the pre-removal version before the other OS was gone, but it is easy to spread wrong information than research instead.

I am still pissed the removed the other OS, however gaming journalism sucks and it makes allot of people Fanboy's and give wrong information.

Article is a good read

InfectedDK2606d ago

i totally agree with the article and your comment other than I'm not pissed they removed other OS but I think it's sad they did. However not many people used it for any good anyway.

snipermk02606d ago

In other news: The defense department wanted to use the same number of 360s for their research but soon came to find out that the electricity bill would be far more expensive than any defense applications.

Parapraxis2606d ago

Actually, I think it has to do with processors ;)

NateCole2606d ago

Nah, they are using them for bombs

Jrome2606d ago

Lets be honest....anyone who thought they were screwing over the government, or people with servers....were ignorant fanboys.

Anon19742606d ago

Agreed. And there were a lot of them that quipped "Sony just screwed over all the researchers and military and gov and blah blah blah."

I even said at the time, they'd either simply not update and lose the Other OS ability or they'd work out a deal with Sony. And the ignorant, unwashed fanboys howled "Nooooo! Sony's the devil. They'll swallow our souls!"

And here we are, proof that removing OtherOS didn't overnight shut down these types of projects. When can I expect those apologies? Oh wait, I wouldn't even be able to tell who they're from because all those old trolling accounts have been removed and they're all on their 26th duplicate accounts by now - probably trolling GT5 articles.

Achemki2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )


Exactly. No research, just fanboys flapping their gums over how Sony was gonna be in trouble for screwing over the army, and they ran those articles here on N4G constantly. This guy proved 'em wrong with one phone call. And people wonder why integrity in gaming journalism is an oxymoron.

tawak2606d ago

Amen! thanks to those xbots spreading hate

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Theoneneo812606d ago

PS3 it realy does everything

toaster2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Except make it into the top 500 supercomputers in the world list.. apparently.

The IBM Cell in those supercomputers are a thing of beauty, please don't compare it to the watered down plastic lunchbox version in the PS3.

Also that 'it only does everything' moniker is getting old. It only does 6 year old hardware, it only does 1080p at 30FPS (if you're lucky), and it only does 2xAA.

sp1deynut2606d ago ShowReplies(7)
DaBadGuy2606d ago

PS3: It only does National Defense


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