Sakaguchi: HD Visuals Can Affect The Gameplay Experience

Hironnobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy, reinforces that fact. After discussing development of his latest title ‘The Last Story’, Sakaguchi claimed that working with the limited technology of the Wii has actually been a liberating experience.

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versusALL2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

You need good graphics to survive in today's market otherwise the game would probably not sell well as a game with good graphics like uncharted, but this is only true on the ps3 and 360, not on the wii

randomwiz2761d ago

I think as long as the graphics are either good or creative, its good enough.

As long as the graphics aren't terrible to look at, I'll play the game if the gameplay is good.

NecrumSlavery2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

It should be that way but recently 'realistic HD or Fail' is a majority mindset.

To the game devs of the world,

Where's this generation's Wind Waker or Okami or Thirteen? The gaming industry needs a wake up call. How many more realistic FPSs do we need? A million? Thank God for REACH, Killzone 3 & Bulletstorm. Something not so modern earth.
I see creativity in DLC Games like Flower or LIMBO, but the flip devs? Come up with new ideas. Lets make SP a priority for once, not MP. Lets view the world from a 4th perspective, not first person. Lets use our minds, dreams, & inspirations to create games, not a statistical chart of what has the highest probabilities of profit. Thinking outside the box? Try thinking outside the trapazoid.

Here's looking forward to your new ideas & genres.

Gamers United.

-------Bubs me up if you agree please, & share your thoughts--------

raztad2761d ago


I agree that we need more creative stuff and stronger SP campaigns. I'll bub you up even of you forgot to mention LBP :D

PSN is a nice opportunity for indie devels (and not so indie on a tight budget) to put new gameplay ideas into work. Check Swords and soldiers guys, I just gave it a try yesterday and it is a deep yet accessible RTS on consoles.

NecrumSlavery2761d ago

Raz, Yeah I missed a few others I know.
bubz back
Im close to finishing Castlevania LoS, and its an amazing game. 20+ hour linear action game. It's almost up there with UC/GOW in quality

tunaks12761d ago

"You need good graphics to survive in today's market"
and yet NSMB wii sells 10 million plus.
Not all games need to look like uncharted, ill take epic yarn over brown dominated games any day.

ECM0NEY2761d ago

"but this is only true on the ps3 and 360, not on the wii"

You have to read the whole post.

GeoramA2761d ago

Sakaguchi has lost his way.

RedDead2761d ago

Nah, he got out of square just at the right time.

Godmars2902761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Still, it was a time of his own making. If he hadn't of messed up with Spirits Within, the CG production company, he'd still be at Square. Squaresoft might even still exist.

No, graphics can just be "good enough" if the right gameplay is behind them.

theonlylolking2761d ago

He has gone bonkers...or has nintendo payed him some $$$$?

Quietpower102761d ago

In a way, Sakaguchi is correct. Some video games don't require the perfect graphics in order to become one of the best games ever.

Look at Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. THAT game looked as though its been using thePS1 or N64 graphics engine. But was it terrible? No! The gameplay was fun, story was interesting, missions were exciting, and it was an overal GTA game.

Another example is Plants vs. Zombies. PvZ had cartoony-style graphics, but that didn't ruin the gameplay. In fact, the graphics fit PERFECTLY with the gamelay. Zombies bloodthirsty (or plantthirsty) to go invade your house, while your plants try desperately to defend your home and destroy these invading zombies.

Overall graphics can help improve video games, but gameplay is where its most important as well.

DarkBlood2761d ago

it all depends on the type of game your making when putting graphics and gameplay together be it 2d or 3d makes a huge difference in the direction you want to go in

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