Ys Seven - Crush! Frag! Review!

CFD!'s Beki Sutcliffe charges at an angle into this review of Ys Seven:

"For those looking for a simple RPG adventure to keep them entertained, Ys Seven is a safe bet. Despite the clichés (this game is full of them), the fast-paced fun action and tactical boss fights ensure it stays challenging without the annoyance of save points or long pointless journeys. Stepping in the shoes of Adol once again is exciting, even if it is just to save those pesky civilians from worldwide destruction all over again."

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ShadowPraxis2791d ago

I haven't touched an Ys game since the SNES. Another classic series I just never got into.

RobsteinOne2791d ago

I never got into it either, but that's more because there are just so many RPGs out there.

ShadowPraxis2791d ago

Very true - only so much time for a 20-60hr game in the day. Can we just invent longer days or something? Extend the human lifespan an extra 20 years?

Giantsquirrel2791d ago

"Despite the clichés (this game is full of them)"

Aaand I'm out. Sorry chums, can't handle the Japanness I'm seeing.

ShadowPraxis2791d ago

Not enough moidah for your tastes? More guns needed? ;P

RogueCheddar2791d ago

Yeah Japanese games (and I don't think anyone would have believed this a decade or so ago) are pretty much just not cool anymore. That would make a great story actually..

ShadowPraxis2791d ago

That's the thing - Japan used to be the standard everyone looked to for neat, cool stuff. And they just never really innovated past a certain point. Now their attempts at "innovation" are aping Western game concepts from a few years ago - like how Quantum Theory feels like the sort of game that would have come BEFORE Gears of War, for instance.

thisdustin2791d ago

I used to love me some JRPG's back in the day, but today I can't seem to get too far into them... even DQ9! But this one's on my list, if I ever get back in that headspace.

ShadowPraxis2791d ago

Same thing happened to me with both DQVIII and IX. The only JRPGs that tend to hold me nowadays are the MegaTen series.

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