Time Shift Xbox 360 Demo Review

Check out this Time Shift Demo review by HereWeGo on live-360.

Timeshift, a Vivendi Games and Saber Interactive production, is a game which gives the player the unique ability to fully control time. Making it's first demo appearance over a year ago, Timeshift has come a long way from it's former state.The first time Timeshift was released in demo form, was back in May 2006. The demo was released on a disc, tagged along with the OXM for the month. The negative feedback from the demo forced the company into remaking it from the ground up, again. This time, the demo wasn't as bad.

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live3604121d ago

This game looks like it is really coming along nicely!

no_more_heroes4120d ago

Everything about it just feels right. If you haven't tried it, do so. I bet it looks friggin' awesome in HD (friend doesn't have an HDTV, but it still looked nice).