Top MMORGPS Worth Playing In 2011

Bright Hub "With 2011 playing host to some of the best and brightest new MMOs to come out this generation, it's time to take a look at some of the new games that's totally worth playing in 2011."

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CombineElite2606d ago

MMO's have taken over PC gaming and my life.
My 2011 MMO list

and My First tier MMo's
Eve Online
Black Prophecy
and for console Dust 514
which should be on this list. in Dust 514 it's a FPS/MMO which plays out in real time with PC EVE Online players.

Pc gamers load console gamers into their ships, carry them across the galaxy and drop them off to capture planets for them. AWESOME!!

NegativeCreepWA2606d ago

Good list. A few in there I never heard of to.