A Look Back at Mafia - CFD!

CFD!'s Nate Andrews shares his thoughts on the first Mafia:

"Though at a cursory glance Mafia would appear to be a post-GTA III wannabe, its style was quite contrary to the open world fervor everyone seemed to be caught up in. There was an open city, albeit slightly boxy and far less flashy than Vice City, but it served a different purpose. Lost Heaven was, for its time, a fairly impressive approximation of a mid-1930s city. In contrast to Vice City’s gaudy 1980s nostalgia and bombast, Lost Heaven was a bit like a good character actor in a film; it didn’t hog the spotlight but nevertheless added a necessary dimension to the events occurring in and around it.

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ShadowPraxis2643d ago

I wonder if the PS2/Xbox ports were decent? They can certainly be picked up super-cheap now.

Ndigity2643d ago

From what I've heard, they were not. I'd suggest going the Steam route.

ShadowPraxis2643d ago

But I hate playing action titles on keyboard/mouse! :/


pimpmaster2643d ago

dude... get the pc version, the console versions were an abomination. mouse+keyboard own controllers+ it had cutting edge grphics (for the time) ps2 /xbox version were fugly as hell.

with that said , mafia 1 on pc was one of my all time favorite games, it was so much better than mafia 2.

Man In Black2643d ago

They were shit. That's all you need to know.

Giantsquirrel2643d ago

Does it support 360 controllers? Because I'd be down like...Donkey Clown?

ShadowPraxis2643d ago

You just dodged paying Nintendo $2. Good job.

RobsteinOne2643d ago

I don't know whether to mock you or regard you as an evil genius. Maybe both?

pimpmaster2643d ago

its going on like diddy kong. take that nintendo! no copyright on that phrase.:)

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thisdustin2643d ago

I'm all about this. I never got into GTA, so I would like to check out a game influenced by it.

tigresa2643d ago

Good to know... Steam seems like the way to go for most of these games.