The 11 Most Racist Video Games

These eleven games are so seriously un-PC that it's amazing they ever made it to shelves

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xino2241d ago

that is why I seriously dislike Square Enix with their stereotype and racism!

but someone already made a list like this and the Ethnic Cleansing was also voted no1.

all these top 10 are getting so freaking old!

GamesRadar are the ones who usually abuse it.

iamtehpwn2241d ago

Final Fantasy XIII was racist on so many levels, Sazh's character.

The chocobo living in his afro, He's got a kid, His theme song, etc.

kaveti66162241d ago

The fact that he has a kid makes SE racist?

You guys need to learn what racism means.

People throw that word around like it's a worth a penny.

Swiftfox2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

Don't understand how that is racist.

Some black indivduals have afro's. Afro Samurai, and one of the young kids from the Boondocks have afro's and are very well recieved. I thought the chocobo was a cute.

It's racict for black people to have kids?

His theme song is Jazz, a form of self-expression launched by the black community in the early 1900's.

Think people missed the definition of racism.

ExplosionSauce2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

It's stereotypical. And what does the kid have to do with it?

Newtype2241d ago

He has a chicken in his hair....ROFL.

Hideo_Kojima2241d ago

My friend went to japan and someone screamed out at her saying your black your black and rush towards her to hug her he was genuinely happy that he saw a black person...

Rage_S902241d ago

yh yh but the fact that the black guy is comic relief is racist if not stereotypical

radphil2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

Being African-American, I groan when people keep trying to play that FF13 was racist. You guys need to know the difference of something being stereotypical and racism.

If the game was racist, they wouldn't make Sazh one of the most logical thinking characters in the game.

In fact, I find this situation funny. People keep referring to FF7 and 13 for references to african-americans, and yet no one mentioned Romancing Saga 3 or Last Remnant, in which in RS3 the guy was a legendary mercenary, and in Last Remnant, there was more than 1.

Honestly I could go into complete detail upon all different situations, but I have a feeling it'll just go downhill after a while. =X

NecrumSlavery2240d ago

I remember Barret as a foul mouth angry Mr. T, but I liked him. Sazh's chocobo fro isnt really racist, but it sure as heck is a little weird.

You know what game is racist, House of the Dead: OVERKILL, they take the "Let's make a Stereotypical Samuel L. Jackson Black Guy" and amp it up to "WTF?"

Rush2240d ago

If it was a fried Chocobo I would agree otherwise it's just cool.

ambientFLIER2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )


"Being African-American, I groan when people keep trying to play that FF13 was racist."

Were you born in Africa, and then later became a US citizen? Or did you just mean to say that you were Black?

radphil2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )


I'm to the first scenario you stated.

On the side note pertaining back to the main topic, basically people just cry racism when they mean something else. Now for example the Tom Sawyer game that was in the game, that's way more towards racism than what FF13 was with Sazh.

The situation in FF13 is stereotypical, the situation in the game I recently spoke of was towards racism.

QuantumSponge2240d ago

"The chocobo living in his afro, He's got a kid, His theme song, etc."


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GiantJedi2241d ago

Gamesradar makes top 7s

tanman7772241d ago

Thank you for being correct. Also they have been making top 7's since 2006, before top tens were an abused thing.

UP2241d ago

Sazh was the coolest character in FF13

Simon_Brezhnev2240d ago

Capcom should be included especially Street Fighter series and no im not talking about Resident Evil

tacosRcool2240d ago

That black guy from that Tom Sawyer game scares me

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IHateYouFanboys2241d ago

i wish theyd remake shadow warrior for XBLA/PSN, that game was absolutely epic, a great follow up to Duke Nukem 3D.

Theoneneo812241d ago

amen great game also Dark Forces was another classic fps

YoungKingDoran2241d ago

dont forget rise of the triad

MWH2241d ago

a remake or even better, a sequel. we wish.

zhuk is god2241d ago

I agreed 100%, I played that game from a shareware demo cd-rom of pcgames. !What memories¡

tplarkin72241d ago

Isn't racism dead? Today, racism is calling someone a bad name to make him angry. If someone insults me, I don't invite him over for dinner.

pixelsword2241d ago

Come to Detroit, where a routine traffic stop can get you executed by police officers; or New York, where doing nothing will get you shot multiple times if they suddenly decide that a brown, leather, wallet-size gun does exist and can kill six policemen instantly... unless more than twenty bullet wounds can be inflicted in less than five seconds.

VileAndVicious2240d ago

I find it funny that people actually disagreed with you when all you did state actual events that have happened.

Bubbles by the way.

Anderson82240d ago

if you think racism is dead your an idiot

VileAndVicious2240d ago

This is the type of world we live in. A place where ignorance runs wild. Some people truly believe for some reason that race isn't an issue and everyone gets along.

In a perfect world maybe...

Vaud-Villian2240d ago

Racism and hyper sensativity collide in a grey area. It's often hard to distinguish the two but there is definitely a few areas and people that are genuinely racist.

QuantumSponge2240d ago

"Isn't racism dead?"

Go to "Fundies say the darndest things" and take a look at their RSTDT section. There's your answer.

RSTDT Top 100:

Bolts2241d ago

I really want to play Bonetown. That game sounds hilarious.

kaveti66162241d ago

There's a difference between racism and stereotyping.

Racism is a notion of believing that one race of people are superior to another.

Stereotyping is a way of generalizing a person's behavior or characteristics based on common notions about his race or ethnicity.

I have no problem with SE making a black character with an afro because even though it's stereotyping it's not like they're doing it to purposely offend people.

never_waste_a_bullet2241d ago

yeah exactly, no one seems to understand this anymore

antz11042241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

But can't stereotyping be a form of racism, especially when it boils down to what a group of devs thinking an ethnic group should be portrayed a certain way?

On the list topic, Im surprised Clayfighter with the asian restaurant worker and RE5 with the poor, mud hut living, spear-chucking zombies didn't make the cut.

specialguest2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

You actually believe that RE5 was racist?!? The setting of the story is in a village in Africa, Sheva's village which happens to resemble poor parts of Africa. This setting is very fitting, because there was a real outbreak of the Ebola virus that happened during the 70's in Republic of Congo. That's why this environment works well when we're talking about outbreaks and zombie themed games.

Why is this racist? Is it because there's no pretty houses with white picket fences, and lushes green grass yards?? That's just stupid.

The voice actor of Sheva explains why she doesn't believe RE5 is racist.

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