CapsuleComputers- WRC FIA Rally Championship review

In recent years there has been a decline in the rally-sim, usually ousted in favour of something a little more arcade-like and a little less simulator-like. Even the Colin McRae franchise, which was once a very ‘core experience with an emphasis on precision driving and steady navigation of each course, has been turned into a more arcade-style driving experience recently through the DiRT series. Thankfully, spotting the gap in the market, developers Milestone with the help of publishers Black Bean have put their offer on the table in the form of WRC FIA World Rally Championship, the official licensed rally game of 2010.

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nix2790d ago

awww.. i would have picked you up... but GT5 got my love.. lots'a! q:

hennessey862784d ago

and if its a 9 then gt5 is a 1 million out of 10