DamnLag - World of Warcraft Is My (Anti-)Drug

I like many decided to take advantage of the amazing deal Blizzard had/has going with World of Warcraft and its expansions. I hadn’t played the game in years, and with news of the new Cataclysm overhaul I was excited. The minute I made my Orc Mage Loendar and stepped into World of Warcraft, I knew something very wrong had happened. Much of the terrain was noticeably changed/destroyed. Hundreds upon hundreds of new quests not only affecting high level players but also the lowly starting player. I stepped into a whole new World of Warcraft and I love it.

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FlyWestbrook2756d ago

I always tried to get into World of Warcraft, I always found the starting areas a bore and the amount of fetch quests ridiculous. After this though I may give it a try.

MechaZain2756d ago

I'm afraid of losing my social life to WoW

LukeWashingTons2756d ago

I HAAAATE World of Warcraft... so much...

GamingGuru2756d ago

How the hell could you hate World of Warcraft...I can't even begin to understand this.

Valay2756d ago

I'm proud to say that I have never played World of Warcraft.