Precision Equals Hardcore, Keeping Motion Controls Out of Games

As the battle for motion controls marches on, let's pray that they stay away from our games.

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matey2784d ago

Yes i agree and Wiimote IR is so precise in FPS games i only play wii Goldeneye is KING cant wait 4 Conduit2 and Grinder also DKCR and Kirbys Epic Yarn wow the wii has proven motion controls lets see how the new motion controls do because they both have natural lag ie camera and also only do 30fps where as wii doesnt limit the developer to 30fps and lag look at TW11 1on1 zero lag im all 4 Wii/3DS/Wii2 thats where my money goes over the next few years assuming Wii2 is landing in Q12012 see ya

scruffyexaminer2784d ago

The article seems to ignore the possibility of hard-core motion games that require players to develop *physical skill*. Buddy who wrote the article might not want that, but I do.

Midori2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

There's nothing wrong with motion controls in and of themselves. The problem lies within...well, BAD motion controls. Then there are the games that pointlessly tire you out through waggling, which are also unfortunate.

It's not impossible for buttons and motion to coexist, but the devleopers in the industry may need 'grasp' it first. Not every game needs motion, some could benefit greatly from it. Could take a while, but certain games seem to be already there. Unlike the article claims, there is such a thing as a hardcore game with motion controls.

Motion gaming CAN be precise, fun, and offer a sort of unique feeling that buttons just can't immitate. Same goes for buttons, some things can't be immitated with motion. You can at least say it's nice for people to have the option right?

raztad2784d ago

MAG+MOVE = HEADSHOTS. Enough said.