Jaffe defends his preference on developing exclusively for Playstation 3

David Jaffe posted a response to some of the Destructoid commentators who weren’t happy with him saying that he prefers developing exclusively for the Playstation 3 more so than reaching an expanded audience with multiple platforms.

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deadreckoning6662450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

No need. Its Jaffe's preference. He has nothing to defend.

TheLastGuardian2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Jaffe, why even acknowledge those trolls? They're beneath you. If I was a developer I would only work on PS3 exclusives too.

Twisted Metal will be GOTY 2011 and it's only on PS3. nuff said.

-MD-2450d ago

-"Twisted Metal will be GOTY 2011"


-"and it's only on PS3"

Yeah that's a shame but I'll live I guess.

Silver3602450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

they paid him, helped give him his start, and financed his own studio. why the hell shouldn't he be loyal? dude is just himself leave it alone.

Lightsaber2450d ago Show
rroded2450d ago

whats funny here is that the man has worked with them for years its nothing unusual its called loyalty it comes form a shared respect something i know you ms fans have a hard time understanding. but if you treat people with respect you might get some back...

pwneddemocrat2450d ago

Did he hurt your little feelings sunshine?

darthv722450d ago

Developers can have their reasons for developing a game on either an exclusive platform or multiplatform. No fault there.

Some have expressed their interest in developing on another only to revert to what they know best. No fault there either.

It is when the gamers throw in their fanboyish POV at what is being said as if to twist it around to make it appear a dev is trash talking one platform or another is where I find fault.

Some devs are twisted like that and WILL trash talk another platform. Others will not and those are the ones that should be respected. They have a preference but wont stoop to the fanboy level of making fun of the other platform.

Insomniac has expressed interest in developing for other platforms which is great. If Jaffe doesnt then that is his own right for what is best for his company. These guys know how to express themselves so not to burn any bridges down the road.

Others...not so much.

KrebStar2450d ago

You're right Lightsaber, he should definitely work on his eriting.

Bathyj2450d ago

Jaffe, love your work. Probably your blogs as much as your games.

Sony are obviously the best publishers in the world, everyone always says how supportive and understanding they are.

You think PD could have spent what they did and took the time they did with EA or Activision? Hell GT would be a yearly game and suck because of it.

Plus Sony know these guys are builder making houses, they're ARTISTS creating art. They need to be let be to create.

Denethor_II2450d ago

@Bathyj "You think PD could have spent what they did and took the time they did with EA or Activision? Hell GT would be a yearly game and suck because of it."
You have pretty much summed up the difference between Sony, and everybody else. This is why they produce quality, and why you will always have opposition against the PlayStation brand. Anyone with a PlayStation product, will always have someone saying they have a cheaper alternative that's better.

HolyOrangeCows2450d ago

"And Sterling is actually a great voice of no b******t game journalism that I really respect a lot. He calls BS on a lot of hyperbolistic crap and I love that about his work"

My respect for Jaffe is up another level.

rdgneoz32450d ago


He can "write" more than 2 sentences without cussing.

"It's just that we value our relationship with Sony very, very much. They give us extra time to make the game great, lots of creative and marketing and business support. And we like the people over there tons; they are like family. Why is it so hard to understand we'd like 2 stay in that kind of working relationship?" - 4 without cussing :P

Also, nice to see developers with loyalty in this day and age.

OhReginald2450d ago


Well he is from Alabama...

XabiTheHumble2450d ago

@Murderdolls don't you have a ps3? how is it a shame if your going to play it anyway?

Vherostar2450d ago

@Kenrocc_42 he doesn't he just borrows one most probably.

Lightsaber2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

OhReginald tha explains a lot all they have there is hillbilliies and trailerpack.

pwneddemocrat no but this guys is suppose to be a professional. Instead of acting like one he seem to go out of his way to act like some uneducated idiot off the street

81 disagrees guess that show you what kind of fans the ps3 has low class ones

HxCGamer2449d ago

well the reason I disagreed was that your are calling someone trailer trash, yet at the same time misspelling such a simple word.

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LordMarius2450d ago

He is not defending it, he is just trying to understand why the 360 only owners dont get the message he is trying to get across

oohWii2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

I really don't think 360 owners care. Seriously.

Im sure there's those rabid psycos that whine about anything, but generally speaking for the most part 360 owner can care less what Jaffe does.

At least I know I don't.

zeeshan2449d ago

^^^ Yeah, sure you don't. Whatever helps you sleep well big guy :)

InfectedDK2450d ago

Seriously if any developer said that they were happy being 360 exclusive because they had a great relationship with MS I would understand and respect that. Also if the 360 had so many great exclusives like the PS3 does I would have bought one for those games.

xAlmostPro2450d ago

exactly infected..

althought the difference is microsoft tend not to give a crap and just throw a few million at the developers for exclusive/timed exclusivity instead of building good relationships with the companies.. and i wont even talk about the lack of freedom(as seen with valve's latest statements)..

But still like you said if a developer stated 360 is the preference, then be it.. whats to be annoyed about

Christopher2450d ago

Exactly. Ridiculous that certain people in the gaming community demand this sort of response.

All_4_One2450d ago

Exactly. I`ve actually never seen somebody criticize a developer, let alone a highly respected one, about their developing preferences. I didn`t know the community over at Destructoid was like that, pretty embarrassing.

NegativeCreepWA2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Say that to Gabe.

Anyways don't see why anyone would think he would make a multi-plat game he never has before.

cereal_killa2450d ago

All4one there a big difference between the 2 Jaffe was not bashing the 360 in any way in that interview Gabe on the other hand until E3 bash the PS3 system any chance her got.

Jaffes quote

" It's not that we would not LOVE to have our games in every home in the world...even the ones w/out electricity. F**k it- we don't care! It's just that we value our relationship with Sony very, very much. They give us extra time to make the game great, lots of creative and marketing and business support. And we like the people over there tons; they are like family. Why is it so hard to understand we'd like 2 stay in that kind of working relationship?"

Gabes quotes

"Gabe Newell's not a PS3 man. Why? Two reasons. One is that he's a PC man. Other is that he...well, hates the PS3. Hates it real bad. How bad's real bad? This bad:"

"The PS3 is a total disaster on so many levels, I think it's really clear that Sony lost track of what customers and what developers wanted," said Newell. "

All_4_One2450d ago

True, people gave Gabe a bad time, but then again, he did bash the PS3, and even admitted to it. Jaffe on the other hand, isn`t bashing anything, all he did was express his preferences and people were giving him crap for it, that`s not acceptable.

NegativeCreepWA2450d ago

Yeah, Gabe said some harsh stuff for awhile there. But if thats how he actually felt at the time I respect him for saying it, not many Dev's have the balls to call out a company like that.

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iamtehpwn2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

It started with MGS4 and it's still happening.

It's not coming to 360.
It'll never to 360.
If you like Ps3 exclusives so much and you only bought a 360, you should reevaluate your purchasing decisions.

Dig_Dug2450d ago

Nail on the head. PS3 has the best library of exclusives, period. Uncharted 1 and 2, MGS4, GOW3, LBP, GT5, 3D Dot Game Heroes, KZ2, Heavenly Sword, etc etc. There isn't a day that passes that I'm not thankful that I purchased a PS3.

huzzaahh2450d ago

Honestly, I'm tired of everybody saying that the PS3 has the best library of exclusives. I get it already! I don't want people spewing the names of all the games over and over again. It gets really tiring.

I completely agree that the PS3 has the most high quality exclusives, but we don't need to keep hearing it.

rdgneoz32450d ago


Blaspheme, you didn't include Demons' Souls!

xAlmostPro2450d ago

@huzzaahh i think its now a habit due to the fact that for about 2 years straight the ps3 got bashed for lack of games because the 360 launched a year sooner and had a bigger libary.. understandable tbh

you can be proud of your console choice, and the games you play without being a fanboy :)