Sony PlayStation Phone Could Turn Bad

The rumours of Sony perhaps bringing out a “PlayStation Phone” has got everyone talking about it, a games investor analyst named Nick Gibson believes that if Sony do go ahead with launching a PlayStation phone, then it may damage the PlayStation brand.

There has been talk about the PlayStation phone, plans/pictures of the phone may be released as early as next week, but would PlayStation bringing out a phone, help the PSP, or even the PS3 in terms of sales? While the PSP2 SDK’s are still being sent to different PSP game developers and the PSP selling quite well, it does make me wonder, why do they want to release a PlayStation phone?

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Soldierone2701d ago

It will only hurt PSP sales, which are not strong anymore. They dipped down to like 2 million this year.

Microsoft is trying to push Live everywhere, they put it on zune and all the other stuff. Sony is simply trying to make PlayStation a network of devices that work with all kinds of stuff. what better way to get this point home than to introduce a PlayStation phone. Smartphones are massive now, and people will follow a trend.

Unknow_Master2700d ago

yeah but if sony droid say yes than its gonna be alrigh

specialguest2701d ago

If the PSP Phone works well as a smartphone first, then I will definitely get rid of my Samsung Galaxy S for it.

Spinal2701d ago

If the PSP Phone plays PSP games and/or PS1 games whilst being a smartphone, i'll happily sell my iphone 4.

An im sure there are millions of Sony fans rdy to part with their cash for this device.

M-Easy2701d ago

It can also turn out well. Look I made a stupid obvious statement like this "article" that should not be labeled "news" but "opinion piece."

silvacrest2700d ago

the worst part about this "article" is someone already covered this exact topic

Masterchef20072701d ago

they should just shut up and wait till its out

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The story is too old to be commented.