Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Tips

While many of you have already mastered the tricks of the trade when it comes to competitive online action in Black Ops, we know there’s a few of you out there still struggling with the comprehensive component that the title offers. Here are some tips to help get you off the ground.

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MeatAbstract2451d ago

Said it before and I'll say it again.

Point and shoot first.

TEFL0N_D0N_812451d ago

I love throwing concussion grenades to a small group, running in there and planting a claymore. Then I laugh as I watch one of them slowly drift into the claymore.

AllroundGamer2451d ago

The most important tip: Wait for at least next 5 patches to start playing online!!!

ambientFLIER2451d ago

It's been fairly smooth on the xbox for me. Are ps3/pc people still having problems?

ambientFLIER2450d ago

Why do idiots press disagree for a question? Do you honestly think that it makes the tiniest bit of difference?

GamerSciz2451d ago

This guide is somewhat misleading. All of this is good advice unless you are playing hardcore mode. In HC mode the motion sensor won't help unless a spy plane is showing your radar. Flak jacket won't help regardless of grenades or claymores or even bullets. Other than that it is pretty accurate but one thing to add...NEVER run around corners as 90% of the time someone is waiting/watching it and will take you down in a second.

Simco8762451d ago

Most people play Core anyways. But good to know if anyone out there plays Hardcore.

This game is a blast... just need more time to play it. Damn Job!

ambientFLIER2451d ago

Hardcore is the only way to play.

Gamer_Z2451d ago

forget about this game and play Call of Duty 4

jmallymav2451d ago

If ppl don't like blackops, but say play cod4, they have a classic game mode on blackops, played it, and I like it, similar to cod4, but I have it for ps3, and I having a blast! I hate being dropped from my during a match, but connection is fine for now, if you don't like blackops stay out of the comment section, you sound dumb

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