OXCGN’s Pinball FX 2 XBLA Review: A Multi-Pinball Multi-Mania Fun Feast


"When Hungarian development house Zen Studios released the original Pinball FX in early 2007, it seemed the title was the perfect platform for ongoing DLC.

While the extra tables that did eventually come out were very good (Rocky & Bullwinkle in particular), they dribbled onto the Live Marketplace so sporadically, that players were left wondering whether Zen were even continuing with work on content.

It’s clear now however that they were busily ‘flicking’ away and putting together Pinball FX 2 – a game that is not just a sequel, but a pleasing upgrade to the original."

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BadCircuit2702d ago

I never played the original game but as the writer said, it looks like the future of pinball games is looking bright.

But I don't know that a pinball game could be developed for the Kinect.

gaminoz2702d ago

Based on the title (pinball on 360?) I'd never have looked at it, but it actually sounds really fun.

XboxOZ3602702d ago

Finally, a great XBLA game worth grabbing, . . . . with the new engine and graphics, which look stunning btw, this will be a welcomed addition to any pinball-wizard's collection.