Dead Nation - IGN Review

"Grab a buddy and protect your brains."
Here is the IGN review of Dead Nation, available exclusively on the PS3.

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I_Like_Good_Games2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I wish this game was multi-platform since I don't really play many online games on my PS3 except for exceptionally good ones.

Raider692763d ago

Were comes the hate!You know you cant express does fellings on N4g!You must be bias only to one platform, in this case ..

phatak2763d ago

Idk y but I smell something fishy here. Every ps3 exclusive ign has reviewed this year has been lower than the average metacritic score of that game except for modnation racers and heavy rain, while for xbox 360 every game reviewed by ign is higher than the metacritic score of that game, every single exclusive.
modnation racers
meacritic: 82 Ign: 90
god of war 3: 92 Ign 9.3
gran turismo 5 : 87 Ign: 8.5
tumble : 74 Ign 3.0
heavy rain 87 Ign 9
Mag : 76 IGn 7.0

Now look at the 360 games
Alan wake: metacritic:83 Ign 9.0
Splinter cell conviction 85 Ign 9.3
Crackdown 2 70 Ign 7.5
Halo reach 91 Ign 9.5
Fable 3 80 Ign 8.5

HolyOrangeCows2763d ago

You certainly can't deny the double standards of this review compared to recent games like Halo and Call of Duty, which get almost no mention of the same issues.

----------------------------- - ---
"Dead Nation isn't quite your typical zombie shooter. It's all about turning the undead back into lifeless corpses, but it actually involves a lot of planning and strategy"

"do you really want that electricity-shooting cannon or should you focus on making your submachine gun fire fast and carry more rounds? The choice is yours"

"the game supports co-op of the offline and online varieties"

"I had to marvel at how fast things had gone from controlled to chaos -- it's how a zombie apocalypse should be"

----------------------------- -----

"extreme difficulty spikes"

"the view is pulled so far back that it's tough to see straggling zombies that are right behind you"

"Then, there's a visual effect for when you're injured that makes seeing the screen incredibly difficult -- it's even more annoying when your partner's the one who's hurting and you have to deal with the obscured view (even online)" (Where's the complaints for COD: Black Ops, IGN?)

"The menus seem thrown together and plain, and the story scenes aren't that great" (Menus: Not a big deal, Story: Typical of the games you review)

"Without caring about the characters, the two people you play as feel generic" (And the characters in the games you give higher scores to DO?)

----------------------------- ---------
Typical IGNorant with their double standards.
Your Call of Dutys and Halos have all of these issues and yet somehow they don't seem to notice when it's them, often not even commenting on them.

jwk942763d ago

If you wish this was multi-platform then you obviously think that this is exceptionally good, so buy it.

saimcheeda2763d ago

now that is the truth right there!

antz11042762d ago

Lol it is, its called Zombie Apocalypse on XBL. Looks like a def buy if you like the genre.

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Sitris2763d ago

i used to be a defender of IGN. Since GT5, and a host of recent articles, i have jumped onto the IGNorant bandwagon.

smittyjerkins2762d ago

We are glad you have joined us.

I stopped going there after the MAG review.

Fulensenca2763d ago

Hah, who is surprised? :P

Tikicobra2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

How dare he have an opinion!

And how dare he not give it an 11/10! We all know that anything less than a 9 means it sucks!

The only time I would consider a review bad is when it's Jim Sterling, since he's proven himself to be an untrustworthy reviewer. I typically agree with IGN, though.

Sitris2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I see what you did there.....

May i say though, that with recent reviews, IGNs words, dont match their scores, thats why i have lost faith in them.

Edit: @below
Oh i agree 100% with GT i only watch it because of the great video footage haha in fact many reviewers are guilty of this. I generally just read the reviews and my mind up from videos, previews and how the general public perceives it.

Tikicobra2763d ago

GameTrailers are the worst offenders when it comes to this, and I don't see them getting any flack.

Seriously, GT reviews are completely unpredictable. They'll praise a game for 10 minutes and then give it a 5/10. Or, in the case of the Assassin's Creed games, they'll complain about it non-stop and then give it a 9. Where's all the GameTrailers hate?

nycredude2763d ago

You can hate on Gametrailers all you want but at least they have lots of great content and videos. IGN just pretty much have reviews and opinions and most of them suck or are hypocritical.

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