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GTPlanet: Yamauchi on GT5's Mechanical Damage, Updates, & More

Kazunori Yamauchi has been fielding questions from fans on Twitter over the past few hours. The tweets are in Japanese, but with a little help from Google and medhi_san, we can get a pretty good idea of what he’s talking about. Here’s the highlights... (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

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JOLLY1  +   1824d ago
Some good comments there. I like that he is honest about stuff.
ryuzu  +   1824d ago
Most disappointing is the limit of face tracking to certain mods. It works very well in the game in very variable lighting - such a shame it can't be enabled in all modes.

Having used TrackIR for a long time, I'm beginning to think it's days may be numbered if a PS3 can track your head with no supporting gizmos while throwing GT5 around.

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1824d ago
"Flexible camera angles and “dynamic and wide-area lighting needs” are to blame for the sometimes blocky shadows. Yamauchi admits they are a problem and wants to improve them."

Nice! It's my only gripe with the game so far.
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Shikoro  +   1824d ago
What the hell? Do you know any game that hasn't got "blocky" shadows? They are, for one reason, like that because of the way they are calculated and rendered. The other reason is the one Yamauchi-san mentioned...
Thegamer41  +   1823d ago
What does he mean about
"Polyphony Digital continues to work on fully supporting the Logitech G25 and G27, though Yamauchi admits he would like a “new steering device soon”…"

I thought the G27 was fully supported already, was going to buy one soon...
nix  +   1823d ago
"Yamauchi wanted to implement a “free roam” gameplay mode in GT5, where players could drive around, respecting speed limits and obeying traffic laws, and even exit the car to walk around and explore the environment on foot."

I'VE ALWAYS WANTED THAT!!! to just drive around listening to your favourite music..
irepbtown  +   1823d ago
Nix, Thats GTA

Just kidding.
Wouldn't that be incredible?
Roam around a city and exiting the car whenever you feel like it?

GT6 maybe?

Oh yeaahhh
Dark-Cloud4  +   1823d ago

it's not in the option .. but it works and it doesn't have problems so don't worry :) ..
GamerSciz  +   1823d ago

I have heard that not all the buttons work the way they should as far as mapping goes. Also Yamauchi recently stated that a new wheel is coming soon possibly called the Thrustmaster T500 RS. Since update V1.02 it was added in the controller menu options.

I myself was going to get the G27 but if this wheel finally offers H-shifter and a clutch I may just wait to see the official GT5 wheel.
komp  +   1824d ago
Yamauchi appears to consider the possibility of removing the in-game HUD (heads-up-display features) at some point in the future.

Nice, its burning my plasma :)
karl  +   1824d ago
yeah .. i hate that..

are plasma's being made anymore?

ive had mine over 3 years now.. and it looks so much better than an LCD to me...

but those ghost images that sometimes get fixed on the screens kinda sucks...
AKS  +   1824d ago
Yes, and the newer plasmas don't have much of a problem with image retention/ burn-in unless you just left a game on pause and went on vacation.

Panasonic's plasmas are especially nice and affordably priced. Pioneer had the best TVs, but they got out of the TV market.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1823d ago
yeah I LOVE my kuro, it doesn't burn in with this game it has so many functions built in to protect the screen its crazy
Hideo_Kojima  +   1823d ago
Panasonic Vieras don't get any burns.
I have one.
ambientFLIER  +   1823d ago
It's very easy for new plasma tv's to protect against burn-in with pixel shifting and such.
iPad  +   1824d ago
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Rage_S90  +   1824d ago
yeah seems like a humble guy they seem like they want to keep supporting and building on this game

i think a year from now we will see a completely new and improved game instead of the usual milking made by "some" companies *cough* activisiom *cough*
Finalfantasykid  +   1824d ago
UC2 has some pretty crazy shadows, heck even UC1 had pretty decent ones.

It's great to hear they arn't just brushing these minor issues under the carpet. Even though by themselves these issues are quite minor, there are many of them, and they do kill the realism at points. GT5 IMO is both the best looking PS3 game, and the worst looking at the same time. If they can fix some of these problems somehow, it might just be one of the best looking overall.
raztad  +   1824d ago
Let's be a little fair, shall we?

UC2 doesnt run at almost 60fps. Doesnt have a "dynamic and wide-area lighting needs". If you consider each car has like 100k polygons or more, and Nathan Drake polygon count is 80K, GT5 16 cars would be like putting 16 or more Nathan Drake on screen. Also UC2 doesnt have to run a full blown physics simulation like GT5 does.

I surely hope GT5 shadows get fixed, but I'm not holding my breath. Perhaps a MLAA implementation for GT6, could save some precious RSX time for better shadows.
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Dark-Cloud4  +   1823d ago
i said befor thatmaking cars are harder then making other tings !! you are making every tiny thing in it !! gt5 have the best graphics out there and people still troll
Crazyglues  +   1823d ago
Yes I love that he is honest, more game Dev. need to be... this is a great interview...

-Yamauchi wanted to implement a “free roam” gameplay mode in GT5, where players could drive around, respecting speed limits and obeying traffic laws, and even exit the car to walk around and explore the environment on foot.- Oh dear god please!!!

I would love that, even if it just for the garage, I would love to be able to get out the car and walk around it.. park other cars next to it in my Garage- and be able to take pictures from there, that would be so awesome.. Please do this please...

There was an amazing scene in Prologue where it started off with the Audio R8 in a parking garage -OMG I was praying that you would get that parking garage in GT5 to park the cars that you bought... that would have been so awesome...

As a Car lover this is just something cool to do, PRG4 did it really nice the way you could walk around in your parking garage and admire the cars you got... GT5 needs to have something really cool like that too... that would just be Awesome.

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CrzyFooL  +   1823d ago
GT Planet
Is the only site I trust about anything GT related.

God bless well run fan sites.
pwneddemocrat  +   1824d ago
Suck on that GT5 haters.

Loved the " Free-Roaming " and the " Youtube Replay " features that were mentioned.
hope they see their ways to this game in a DLC or patch or something
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mike9077  +   1824d ago
idk about the free roaming but giving us the damage options and the youtube feature are real good additions. I was wondering where the heck that youtube thing was but like Yamauchi said he couldn't put it in due to memory restricitions.
AnointedD  +   1824d ago
Yeah...thats not gonna happen. They were REMOVED due to ps3 MEMORY issues not STORAGE issues. No DLC. Read it again
ShinMaster  +   1824d ago
Not all of them were removed due to memory.
And some of them were ideas that hadn't been implemented yet.
Nitrowolf2  +   1824d ago
No he was talking about the Head Tracking couldn't be implemented in GT mode due to mem. Issues.

Although i think it's highly doubtful, it still could be a DLC
pwneddemocrat  +   1824d ago
who told you i was a freaking computer geek?
dunno what the hell is memory or storage and dont care honestly.

i was saying that i would love it if those features found their ways to the game, HOW?
i dont give a crap, nor do i care how.

i'll leave that to you and the game developers to figure out.
drummerx2709  +   1824d ago
At least he admits there are mistakes and seems dedicated to fixing them. Kudos to you Mr. Yamauchi
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morganfell  +   1824d ago | Well said
Unlike the GT5 haters that won't admit there is anything right about the game.

He is honest, it's his nature. And he knows that despite the incompetence and bias of sites like IGN, GT5 has no equal...period.
AnointedD  +   1824d ago
Faztkiller + 4m ago
GT5 is amazing only complaint I
have is the shadows
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Lol this is hilarious. You people have been denying and denying when people pointed this out and now that your leader admits, suddenly you want to pretend you felt this all along?
Didn't these haters admit that it was the best racing simulator? 10 out of 10 in fact? Didn't they say if you love cars you'll love this? Didn't they say it handles like how you'd expect a real car to handle? Sounds like these haters admitted to alot that is right. But your loyalist mind only wants to focus on what negatives they had, the 1.5 that they didn't score it
Also, Nitrowolf down there, it clearly states that he WANTED, past tense. So I don't know what you mean when you say "I hope so..." It isn't coming.
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Nitrowolf2  +   1824d ago
That could mean a lot of stuff, doesn't mean it couldn't be a DLC. Look at Burnout Paradise they were able to add new island to the game later on in it's life.

Saying he wanted, could mean that he never got around to doing it since they were busy trying to finish up with what they got.
Redempteur  +   1824d ago

Well this guy is like kojima never satisfied ..always with a bigger vision of things .. i doubt a machine will exist being able to satisfy them ..

at least they have a huge margin as game designers ...
RyuStrife  +   1823d ago
The Creator is his own biggest Critic. That's Yamauchi. He's probably more angry and disappointed than the worst reviewer out there, yet he's not giving up. He's going to best himself. And if you think about it, it's still PD's first complete PS3 game.
mcstorm  +   1824d ago
Nice to see there is going to be updates for gt5 get mine on Friday and looking forward to playing it as I'm a big car game fan. I really think pd and Sony should keep free updates for all cars to have damage and incar view but also bring out paid dlc for extra cars tracks and improving the game over time as I still think gt5 was released as a unfinished game and letting them finish the game off like this would keep people coming back to the game 1 2 years after its released and it will also give them another 5 years to get gt6 out as a finished game.

but the unfinished bit aside I can't wait to play it on Friday.
Nitrowolf2  +   1824d ago
"Yamauchi wanted to implement a “free roam” gameplay mode in GT5, where players could drive around, respecting speed limits and obeying traffic laws, and even exit the car to walk around and explore the environment on foot."

OMG i sure hope so, it would def be an awesome mode to get away from normal racing and such. It would be sweet, considering i always wanted to drive out in the desert map only to be stopped by an invisible wall.

I hope Youtube uploading returns, there has to be a way to shorten rendering. If not then i hope they make it so we can transfer the vid straight to XMB and then we can do the rendering (from vid to computer to youtube).
I wonder if he means rending of the video when we get it to XMB or to youtube?
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1824d ago
I've been playing a lot in multiplayer Online, I hope they introduce not only leaderboards, but also credits or XP as a reward.
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I_Like_Good_Games  +   1824d ago
It's amazing how after 5 years they 'forgot' to add that stuff.
visualb  +   1824d ago
they didn't forget

some things are probably being added one at a time in order to avoid any big conflicts / problems

one thing is missing something and patching it (which they have like option to remove HUD)

another thing is incremental add ons, to certify things go in well

consider they sold so many copies they under estimated the sales, adding things like leader boards and other systems could easily have gone hay wire

i don't mind, so as long as they get it done and its not something essential like the car driving or online working.
Nitrowolf2  +   1824d ago
That's one of my issue, havn't played GT5P but i heard that had online credit making.
IDK, maybe it's there and just needs a patch to unlock it, he did say that not everything will be availble at launch.
thor  +   1824d ago
So this is what he meant when he said damage "appears later":

-Mechanical damage options will be implemented in a new update for GT5 coming “early December”.

Nothing to do with levels... I think some fanboys are suffering from confirmation bias... oh look I'm level 40, oh and I can see damage on my car also - this mean the damage MUST have been caused by me becoming level 40 not by my awful driving!
justinb1  +   1824d ago
Hahaha noo. I've just got to level 23 and can confirm mechanical and visual damage greatly increases as you level up. E.g a 50mph fender-bender collision with a car in my FT-86 when at level 14 left a slight, bubble shaped dent and a scratch, now the dent and scratch appear alone with the loosening of the number and noticable steering column damage. I have heard that at level 40 it increases even moreso in intensity. The mechanical damage options, I assume, are to do with the removal of this 'level up' system or to increase it's intensity to a greater level.
thor  +   1823d ago
Then make a comparison video and post it.

Many people have said that they have suffered this kind of damage at lower levels. Some say that the damage is not there even when they're past level 20.

Make a like-for-like comparison and I'll believe you.
visualb  +   1824d ago

read again

"mechanical damage" = damage that effects the mechanics/functioning of cars

aesthetic damage already exists:

next time, read more carefully. full damage IS unlocked at lvl 40, check GTPlanet

i think some fanboys are suffering from illiteracy....
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Halochampian  +   1823d ago
Sony confirmed that nothing is "Unlocked"

It differs from car to car. That is what i have been noticing. Not my level. My viper still has very little damage shown.
thor  +   1823d ago
"Check GTPlanet"

Oh this thread?
AnointedD  +   1824d ago
Yamauchi admits they are a
problem and wants to improve
Too bad many loyalists don't want to admit the problem even when the creator himself says there is one
@combo breaker...oh, so the blocky shadows are perfect then? Where there's a problem, loyalists will spin
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sp1deynut  +   1824d ago
See my comments below vvv
ComboBreaker  +   1824d ago
Where there is perfection,
Yamauchi could only see flaws.
Nitrowolf2  +   1824d ago
Dude people been complaining about that
Do you think N4G is the only place for complaining? They do have something called GT Forums, why do you think these issue are being addressed in the first place?
nycredude  +   1824d ago
You retards that keep bringing up bad shadows. Are you gusy console gamers? Because shadows are clearly the worst indication that console tech is limited compared to a PC. Even a strong pc with a good video card is hampered when high quality shadows are implemented. It is one of the biggest things that the gaming development industry have yet to figure out on consoles. A game that is pushing this many polygons,at this kind of fps, and this kind of fidelity is bound to hit some restrictions. Personally while noticeable, it doesn't really bother me because I am too busy playing the game!

It could be also because I own over 100 hundred games from this gen alone and have yet to see perfect shadows implemented in a game.
Bathyj  +   1823d ago
No ones denying the shadows dont live up to the rest of the game. Shadows have sucked all this gen if you ask me.

We just arent about to let them ruin a fantastic game for us. You clearly are.

Your loss.

Then again, what can I expect from someone who joined 12 hours ago just to b*tch about GT and defend Kinect sales numbers?
TheDeadMetalhead  +   1823d ago
Are we seriously arguing about SHADOWS, here? Really?
sp1deynut   1824d ago | Trolling | show
Faztkiller  +   1824d ago
GT5 is amazing only complaint I have is the shadows
I_Like_Good_Games  +   1824d ago
GT5 is relatively better than Forza 3 I admit but it's still just a racing game so get over yourselves.

I mean if it was a game with an actual plot and narrative then maybe I could understand all of the rage fans feel over how it scores.

Besides, as great as the game is...It still should not take 5 years for a racing game. Shenmue 3 or Half-Life 3 maybe, but not a racing simulator.
Close_Second  +   1824d ago
It takes as long as it takes. To suggest a racing game needs less development than an FPS is just plain stupid. Especially when you consider games like COD keep churning out the same game using the same game engine year on year.

On a side note, GT5 took 5-6 years to develop and cost me $97NZ. COD: Black Ops probably didn't take half that time and costs $129NZ. People will still be playing GT5 long after Black Ops has been superceeded by the next COD game next year.
Vesemir  +   1824d ago
Had they rushed this game, I bet you wouldn't be seeing half of the features the game actually have and about only 400 cars.

Of course they had to take 5 years.
SoapShoes  +   1824d ago
I don't see how one genre has more merit over another. This is a retarded argument.
guitar_nerd_23  +   1824d ago
personally, id have rather waited a few months longer than had a big drip feed of patches but at least they're looking into it

the gist is tho imo, ps3 isnt powerful enough for the gt5 engine to work as intended, not enough memory for this and that, graphical inconsistancies etc

gamelplay is fantastic, a lot of the rest of the game is half finished- why even include the head tracking if it can only be used where you dont want to use it

the project was too ambitious should have had half the content but polished to a gleem

still gonna see a lot of time in my ps3 tho :)
Vesemir  +   1824d ago
If the PS3 isn't enough... Only a high end PC could have handled it.
#12.1 (Edited 1824d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
BlackKnight  +   1824d ago
Slightly off topic but.....High end PC? Mid-range PCs have 2-4GB of RAM (memory) and that's just system memory. Depending on the midrange video card inside, you get another 512MB-1GB of video memory.

Both the PS3 and 360 have 512MB of memory TOTAL (both video and system) Xbox having 512MB unified system/video and PS3 having 256MB system/256MB video. High-end PCs are 8GB+.

Corsair, a great RAM brand, is selling the newest RAM standard with 4GB at a cheap 55 bucks...

Sorry, I get tired of people throwing around "high end" when consoles (which I own) are quite low-end when compared to gaming PCs. (Still got good games though on consoles, so try to stay reasonable)
#12.1.1 (Edited 1824d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
justinb1  +   1824d ago
and yet no PC racing game looks as good as GT5
Szarky  +   1824d ago
"the project was too ambitious should have had half the content but polished to a gleem"

You'd think that would have been something that would have been picked up around the time GT5:P was being developed? I do agree with you though about content/polish and play time in my PS3.
Szarky  +   1824d ago
I'm still bitter my GT5:P credits and/or cars weren't brought forward. I worked so hard especially to get that beautiful red F1 Ferrari for nothing.
justinb1  +   1824d ago
for nothing? so you didn't have fun?

Yeahh I get you. It's a shame because my reasoning for not getting GTPSP was because I had prologue, thinking I wouldnt miss out too much. Shame I was wrong :/
#13.1 (Edited 1824d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Szarky  +   1824d ago
you know what I mean... I had fun but I also had false hope.
gamingisnotacrime  +   1824d ago
so the game will keep improving on those details, Nice!
very good indeed
djfullshred  +   1824d ago
On the idea of free roam driving where drivers obey traffic laws...bwahahahaha. We're talking about gamers here.

Traffic laws? What are these things called "laws" you speak of? ;-)
You Noob  +   1824d ago
Improvmeents incoming!!!
kanetheking  +   1824d ago
i really just want new series races (have not done them all yet).and just love doing them like a 10 race championship would be good. or is that in the game all ready?
Raider69  +   1824d ago
Sony take notes!PS4 20GB of RAM,RAM,RAM,!
#18 (Edited 1824d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
IHateYouFanboys  +   1824d ago
why oh why are people STILL carrying on about 'full damage becomes unlocked after level 40'? the guy who posted the video that started that rumour on GTPlanet came out himself and said he was only level 7! not 40, 7! and it was in arcade mode! he just took like 25 minutes of constant bashing the car at high speeds against walls to get it looking like that lol.

personally i find it funny that even more of GT5s big features that the fanboys were bragging about for months/years fell flat again.

face tracking? sure, but only in arcade mode.
youtube upload? nope, didnt make it.
mechanical damage? nope, hes just confirmed its being ADDED later on. if its being ADDED, that means its not there at the moment.
full G25/G27 support? well they *kinda* work most of the time lol.

quite frankly, any game that requires 2 HUGE patches within its first 3-4 days should NOT have been released. most games get a 1-2mb patch at most - not two 133mb ones lol.
SoapShoes  +   1824d ago
I'll bet most of your favorite games required 2 huge patches or just left the glitches there because people were buying it and they didn't care(Fallout anyone?).
I_C_PEE  +   1824d ago
Somehow i can see why this guy mentioned the PS3 limiting his vision for GT5. Seems like there's tons more ideas that PD wanted to put in the game but the PS3 held them back.
This is the principle reason why i want GT6 to launch with the PS4 since the next gen machines will give them much more headroom to work with. That's if they want to slightly improve on the visuals and pile on other effects like full dynamic weather on all tracks, improved damage modelling and increased field of cars per race.
Please PD get hold of the PS4 and get cracking.
bunfighterii  +   1824d ago
Screw working on jaggy shadows, I don't even notice them when I'm concentrating on driving. How about implementing the ability to modify brakes? If that's done I'll be happy
xg-ei8ht  +   1824d ago
I just uploaded this damage vid. Messing around online.
xiaoqinjuu   1824d ago | Spam
bviperz  +   1824d ago
IMO with all the MINOR flaws GT5 it's still an awesome game.
Szarky  +   1824d ago
I hope they fix the shadows soon. Such beautiful cars, such ugly, blocky, jagged shadows.
#25 (Edited 1824d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TheHardware  +   1824d ago

Definitive driving game..yes

and with PD's dedication I know this experience will get better and better.
visualb  +   1824d ago
Definitive driving

Definitive driving SIMULATOR....hell yes, and thats the REAL DEAL, not some arcade racer
Close_Second  +   1824d ago
I really hope they patch the on-line to introduce winnings and clan support. I would love for NZ drivers to form a clan to take on drivers from Oz and to bet on the outcome.
Pwnage2u  +   1823d ago
Most of GT5's issues can be fixed by a patch.
level 360  +   1823d ago
Would be nice to see these features implemented ( face tracking in all modes and free-roam plus some mentioned by Kaz-san ) for GT5 in the near future.

This game is just absolutely progressive.
Bathyj  +   1823d ago
I'd like the G25 support.

Eveything works fine once you work out the buttons but a G25 profile would be good.

Take note PD, I'd also like to map the pedals. I have size 14 feet (15 to you Yanks) and the brake pedal is a little hard to get to. Since the clutch isnt used I'd like to swap it with the brake and make it alot more comfortable.

Also, how come I cant get no Tang around here?
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