GTPlanet: Yamauchi on GT5's Mechanical Damage, Updates, & More

Kazunori Yamauchi has been fielding questions from fans on Twitter over the past few hours. The tweets are in Japanese, but with a little help from Google and medhi_san, we can get a pretty good idea of what he’s talking about. Here’s the highlights...

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JOLLY12702d ago

Some good comments there. I like that he is honest about stuff.

ryuzu2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Most disappointing is the limit of face tracking to certain mods. It works very well in the game in very variable lighting - such a shame it can't be enabled in all modes.

Having used TrackIR for a long time, I'm beginning to think it's days may be numbered if a PS3 can track your head with no supporting gizmos while throwing GT5 around.


Longrod_Von_Hugendon2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

"Flexible camera angles and “dynamic and wide-area lighting needs” are to blame for the sometimes blocky shadows. Yamauchi admits they are a problem and wants to improve them."

Nice! It's my only gripe with the game so far.

Shikoro2702d ago

What the hell? Do you know any game that hasn't got "blocky" shadows? They are, for one reason, like that because of the way they are calculated and rendered. The other reason is the one Yamauchi-san mentioned...

Thegamer412702d ago

What does he mean about
"Polyphony Digital continues to work on fully supporting the Logitech G25 and G27, though Yamauchi admits he would like a “new steering device soon”…"

I thought the G27 was fully supported already, was going to buy one soon...

nix2702d ago

"Yamauchi wanted to implement a “free roam” gameplay mode in GT5, where players could drive around, respecting speed limits and obeying traffic laws, and even exit the car to walk around and explore the environment on foot."

I'VE ALWAYS WANTED THAT!!! to just drive around listening to your favourite music..

irepbtown2701d ago

Nix, Thats GTA

Just kidding.
Wouldn't that be incredible?
Roam around a city and exiting the car whenever you feel like it?

GT6 maybe?

Oh yeaahhh

Dark-Cloud42701d ago


it's not in the option .. but it works and it doesn't have problems so don't worry :) ..

GamerSciz2701d ago


I have heard that not all the buttons work the way they should as far as mapping goes. Also Yamauchi recently stated that a new wheel is coming soon possibly called the Thrustmaster T500 RS. Since update V1.02 it was added in the controller menu options.

I myself was going to get the G27 but if this wheel finally offers H-shifter and a clutch I may just wait to see the official GT5 wheel.

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komp2702d ago

Yamauchi appears to consider the possibility of removing the in-game HUD (heads-up-display features) at some point in the future.

Nice, its burning my plasma :)

karl2702d ago

yeah .. i hate that..

are plasma's being made anymore?

ive had mine over 3 years now.. and it looks so much better than an LCD to me...

but those ghost images that sometimes get fixed on the screens kinda sucks...

AKS2702d ago

Yes, and the newer plasmas don't have much of a problem with image retention/ burn-in unless you just left a game on pause and went on vacation.

Panasonic's plasmas are especially nice and affordably priced. Pioneer had the best TVs, but they got out of the TV market.

PS360PCROCKS2702d ago

yeah I LOVE my kuro, it doesn't burn in with this game it has so many functions built in to protect the screen its crazy

Hideo_Kojima2702d ago

Panasonic Vieras don't get any burns.
I have one.

ambientFLIER2701d ago

It's very easy for new plasma tv's to protect against burn-in with pixel shifting and such.

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Rage_S902702d ago

yeah seems like a humble guy they seem like they want to keep supporting and building on this game

i think a year from now we will see a completely new and improved game instead of the usual milking made by "some" companies *cough* activisiom *cough*

Finalfantasykid2702d ago

UC2 has some pretty crazy shadows, heck even UC1 had pretty decent ones.

It's great to hear they arn't just brushing these minor issues under the carpet. Even though by themselves these issues are quite minor, there are many of them, and they do kill the realism at points. GT5 IMO is both the best looking PS3 game, and the worst looking at the same time. If they can fix some of these problems somehow, it might just be one of the best looking overall.

raztad2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Let's be a little fair, shall we?

UC2 doesnt run at almost 60fps. Doesnt have a "dynamic and wide-area lighting needs". If you consider each car has like 100k polygons or more, and Nathan Drake polygon count is 80K, GT5 16 cars would be like putting 16 or more Nathan Drake on screen. Also UC2 doesnt have to run a full blown physics simulation like GT5 does.

I surely hope GT5 shadows get fixed, but I'm not holding my breath. Perhaps a MLAA implementation for GT6, could save some precious RSX time for better shadows.

Dark-Cloud42701d ago

i said befor thatmaking cars are harder then making other tings !! you are making every tiny thing in it !! gt5 have the best graphics out there and people still troll

Crazyglues2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Yes I love that he is honest, more game Dev. need to be... this is a great interview...

-Yamauchi wanted to implement a “free roam” gameplay mode in GT5, where players could drive around, respecting speed limits and obeying traffic laws, and even exit the car to walk around and explore the environment on foot.- Oh dear god please!!!

I would love that, even if it just for the garage, I would love to be able to get out the car and walk around it.. park other cars next to it in my Garage- and be able to take pictures from there, that would be so awesome.. Please do this please...

There was an amazing scene in Prologue where it started off with the Audio R8 in a parking garage -OMG I was praying that you would get that parking garage in GT5 to park the cars that you bought... that would have been so awesome...

As a Car lover this is just something cool to do, PRG4 did it really nice the way you could walk around in your parking garage and admire the cars you got... GT5 needs to have something really cool like that too... that would just be Awesome.


CrzyFooL2701d ago

Is the only site I trust about anything GT related.

God bless well run fan sites.

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pwneddemocrat2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Suck on that GT5 haters.

Loved the " Free-Roaming " and the " Youtube Replay " features that were mentioned.
hope they see their ways to this game in a DLC or patch or something

mike90772702d ago

idk about the free roaming but giving us the damage options and the youtube feature are real good additions. I was wondering where the heck that youtube thing was but like Yamauchi said he couldn't put it in due to memory restricitions.

AnointedD2702d ago

Yeah...thats not gonna happen. They were REMOVED due to ps3 MEMORY issues not STORAGE issues. No DLC. Read it again

ShinMaster2702d ago

Not all of them were removed due to memory.
And some of them were ideas that hadn't been implemented yet.

Nitrowolf22702d ago

No he was talking about the Head Tracking couldn't be implemented in GT mode due to mem. Issues.

Although i think it's highly doubtful, it still could be a DLC

pwneddemocrat2702d ago

who told you i was a freaking computer geek?
dunno what the hell is memory or storage and dont care honestly.

i was saying that i would love it if those features found their ways to the game, HOW?
i dont give a crap, nor do i care how.

i'll leave that to you and the game developers to figure out.

NateNater2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

At least he admits there are mistakes and seems dedicated to fixing them. Kudos to you Mr. Yamauchi

morganfell2702d ago

Unlike the GT5 haters that won't admit there is anything right about the game.

He is honest, it's his nature. And he knows that despite the incompetence and bias of sites like IGN, GT5 has no equal...period.

AnointedD2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Faztkiller + 4m ago
GT5 is amazing only complaint I
have is the shadows
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Lol this is hilarious. You people have been denying and denying when people pointed this out and now that your leader admits, suddenly you want to pretend you felt this all along?
Didn't these haters admit that it was the best racing simulator? 10 out of 10 in fact? Didn't they say if you love cars you'll love this? Didn't they say it handles like how you'd expect a real car to handle? Sounds like these haters admitted to alot that is right. But your loyalist mind only wants to focus on what negatives they had, the 1.5 that they didn't score it
Also, Nitrowolf down there, it clearly states that he WANTED, past tense. So I don't know what you mean when you say "I hope so..." It isn't coming.

Nitrowolf22702d ago

That could mean a lot of stuff, doesn't mean it couldn't be a DLC. Look at Burnout Paradise they were able to add new island to the game later on in it's life.

Saying he wanted, could mean that he never got around to doing it since they were busy trying to finish up with what they got.

Redempteur2702d ago


Well this guy is like kojima never satisfied ..always with a bigger vision of things .. i doubt a machine will exist being able to satisfy them ..

at least they have a huge margin as game designers ...

RyuStrife2701d ago

The Creator is his own biggest Critic. That's Yamauchi. He's probably more angry and disappointed than the worst reviewer out there, yet he's not giving up. He's going to best himself. And if you think about it, it's still PD's first complete PS3 game.

mcstorm2702d ago

Nice to see there is going to be updates for gt5 get mine on Friday and looking forward to playing it as I'm a big car game fan. I really think pd and Sony should keep free updates for all cars to have damage and incar view but also bring out paid dlc for extra cars tracks and improving the game over time as I still think gt5 was released as a unfinished game and letting them finish the game off like this would keep people coming back to the game 1 2 years after its released and it will also give them another 5 years to get gt6 out as a finished game.

but the unfinished bit aside I can't wait to play it on Friday.

Nitrowolf22702d ago

"Yamauchi wanted to implement a “free roam” gameplay mode in GT5, where players could drive around, respecting speed limits and obeying traffic laws, and even exit the car to walk around and explore the environment on foot."

OMG i sure hope so, it would def be an awesome mode to get away from normal racing and such. It would be sweet, considering i always wanted to drive out in the desert map only to be stopped by an invisible wall.

I hope Youtube uploading returns, there has to be a way to shorten rendering. If not then i hope they make it so we can transfer the vid straight to XMB and then we can do the rendering (from vid to computer to youtube).
I wonder if he means rending of the video when we get it to XMB or to youtube?