Joystiq: Dead Nation Review

Housemarque's long-awaited follow-up to Super Stardust HD is exhausting, in more ways than one. The body count should be a clue: Dead Nation is suffocatingly dense, truly embodying the term "sensory overload." Zombies will swarm you by the hundreds, and once you've disposed of them -- with bullets, explosives, fire and a giant projectile blade-thing -- their ever-present remains ... remain, serving to remind of the havoc you've wreaked.

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All_4_One2609d ago

Excellent! Another fantastic review. I wish the PS store would just update already, I want Dead Nation!

Keith Olbermann2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Same here. With this and Red Dead I'll be killing zombies for weeks.

visualb2609d ago

started watching The Walking Dead too =D

with that, this and Undead Nightmare, it will be a very Zombie Xmas =D

bullswar2609d ago

Its not available on UK PS Store. I just checked it right now. What the hell is goin on???? God I sooo wanna play this game.

Karum2609d ago

The UK store doesn't update until tomorrow, it'll be available for us then.

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Lirky2609d ago

Every tuesday 6pm if you search on psn store using the search button : type whatever u know thats confirmed for this psn store update and u can purchase it earlier before the official psn store updates. Plus u can download the content faster since how alot of ppl are not all purchasing at once.

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