Spawn Kill Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns

Rebecca Quintana of Spawn Kill writes: "To this day, the first Donkey Kong Country is still one of my all-time favorite games, with plenty of fond memories playing it with my friends and family. As a result, when I heard Nintendo was doing a New Super Mario Bros, but with Donkey Kong Country, I was ecstatic, and eagerly counted down the days until the game’s release. Now it’s finally out and available for purchase, but does it live up to my nostalgia-fueled hype, or will fans of the series be disappointed? And will newcomers who never experienced the amazing original game find this reboot as compelling as veterans?"

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tigresa2605d ago

If only we could use the damn classic controller... Only thing holding me back from this, but I think I'll just STFU and bite. It's too gorgeous and the levels do look amazing. I miss some solid DK boss fights, too. Okay I'm getting hyped just typing this, jeez. /nerd

K-Tuck2604d ago

For realz, screw using a Wiimote.

felix882604d ago

I use wiimote and nunchuck, work great.

theherp802605d ago

I loved me some DK Country back in the day but i think i can wait on this one at least until they have some sort of deal for it.

Snarkasaur2604d ago

I think you should be able to play as Grampa Kong is all.