Spawn Kill Community Voice: Your Black Friday Hauls: How’d You Do?

So, how did you guys do? Did you score big deals online, or did you battle the crowds for the last deeply discounted PS3/TV bundle at Best Buy? I love to hear a good deal, so please share your hauls in the comments, or maybe those items you hoped to find on sale but didn’t (and maybe are still waiting for).

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Chris3992784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Along with Atelier Rorona and two other other discounted titles. It's kind of lame that the site costs significantly more to order the same things even WITH import fees and international shipping. The same games on If I had ordered/ bought from a Canadian retailer, I would have cost me well over $220. And yeah, we have "Black Fridays" now, but the bargains aren't nearly as good. I spent $124 Canadian, and everything should be at my door by December 3rd. Shopping cross border rocks with our dollars as close to par as they are.

rrquinta2784d ago

Wow that sucks, but glad you were still able to find some good deals.

tigresa2784d ago

I felt like there weren't as many big deals this year! I wanted Black Ops and Donkey Kong but the deals were slim pickings on the games people would pay full price for no matter what. Curse you COD and Ninty fanboys...

firefoxprime2784d ago

Absolutely nothing. I worked a 10hr shift. Boohoo? Nope. Saving up my cash for my "HD" next year. Handheld Duo: 3DS/PSP2

theherp802784d ago

Amazon was great for EA games this year, picked up the new need for speed on the cheap! Nothing else though, didnt even find anything that great on Steam, though i did miss out on the L4D2 pack. that was a great deal!

rrquinta2784d ago

Yeah I have to say I was really disappointed with Steam's deals over all. I was hoping to get ME1 for cheap :(.

K-Tuck2784d ago

There was a pretty good deal at Target (I think) for 40 inch Westinghouse HDTVs.

Snarkasaur2783d ago

I got to eat. Food. Was pretty nice.