NFS Hot Pursuit - Near Perfection (Review)

When Criterion was revealed as the Need for Speed developer for this year’s entry into the franchise, many gamers were very excited and had high expectations. Rightly so, the studio has not let their fans down with Hot Pursuit. The game is fantastically well executed on every level, plays fantastic and looks gorgeous. Hot Pursuit captures what was great about the original and adds new elements to it that make this a must play for anyone, racing fan or not.

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Speed-Racer2760d ago

One of the best casual racing games out there!

jriquelme_paraguay2760d ago

i already have my combo: Gt5+NFS:HP.

but i really miss the story and tuning/personalization...

electricshadow2760d ago

If they make Underground 3, you can look forward to that totally.

deadreckoning6662760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Can't wait to get this for Christmas along with Yakuza 3!

"Battlefield: Bad Company 2... the best FPS"

Agreed, best FPS I've played this generation.

mrv3212760d ago

EA, especially Dice games create the backbone

Battlefield: Bad Company... not bad, but a bit flawed
Battlefield: Bad Company 2... the best FPS
Mirrors Edge created a good backbone but is flawed
NFS created a good backbone.

Let's hope they keep making games.

despair2760d ago

It really is an amazing game, loving it so far and thats on the PC lol.

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ECM0NEY2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

This game is far from casual. Its an arcade racer not a sim like GT5. Arcade doesnt mean its casual. There are a few races i had to try 30 plus times to get gold on times.

RonyDean2760d ago

I NEED to pick this one up. So many great reviews of it.

Redlogic2760d ago

Yes you do...I have it waiting at my front door for me as we speak. Thank you Amazon, $34.95!!

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MGRogue20172760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

This game has really nice graphics.

It's all about the cars, you see.. And Criterion made sure the cars are in the spotlight at all times & look really awesome looking.

Edit: ... Disagrees? no guys, It's true. Criterion Games actually said that. It's all about the cars!

... I'm lying? Alright, whatever. >.>

ECM0NEY2760d ago

The cars in NFS look better then GT5 cars IMO.

Kurisu2760d ago

I'm not a racing sim fan, but I am a racing arcade fan. Burnout 3 = epic, and this looks on par! I'll be picking this up for PS3 soon I reckon!

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