PS3 or Xbox 360 : Which one is right for you this Xmas?

M2G Writes:

When it comes to exclusives Sony’s PlayStation 3 is where its at. While this year (we can’t think of any announced for next year yet) Microsoft has had exclusive titles such as Alan Wake, Halo Reach and Fable III, as well as a scattering of Kinect games, Sony has always had the benefit of its own studios, therefore titles such as Gran Turismo 5, Modnation Racers, Killzone 2/3, Resistance 3, Infamous 2, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted 2, Socom, MAG and of course LittleBigPlanet 2 (that’s just to name a few), really make Sony’s PS3 stand apart.

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RankFTW2785d ago

Let the fanboy war commence!

darkcharizard2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

PS3 has no games this holiday (Save GT5). And move with no proper games.
Xbox 360 has Halo & Kinect. It also plays multi-platform games better.

And we have a winner!

mrv3212785d ago

PS3 also have move games.

And 90% of Kinect games are shovelware.

THE BIAS2785d ago

GT5 + Move = PS3 offers nothing for christmas

Halo + Kinect = 360 offers something for christmas

Makes sense... /s

fantasygamer2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

GT5, Sly Cooper Collection, God of War 3, God of War Collection, Heavy Rain and Modnation Racers there are plenty of PS3 games to get this holiday season.

jjmustoe2785d ago

xbox 360 has no games in 2011

D4RkNIKON2785d ago

PS3 is the console for me, I love the exclusives and multiplats are obviously on both systems. I am getting an Elite 360 this year from a friend for $100 tho so I will then have both. I really only want the 360 for a few niche titles like Super Meat Boy, Limbo, Alan Wake and Gears next year.

mikeslemonade2785d ago

360 has long been maxed out. If you buy a 360 you're just playing the same rehashed multiplatform games. Kinect is the only reason to own a 360 right now.


darkcharizard HMMM... Halo and Kinect vs Grand Turishmo, Dead Nation, Tales, Kung fu Live, and Little Big Planet 2 less than a month after christmas...and the greatest line up in the history of gaming next year with games like Journey, FF, NI NU KUNI, Bleach, No more Heroes, Sorcery, Socom, and many MMOS, AND RTS that are Move enabled, and im not even going to name the AAA Titles... PS3 and XBOX are both good but the PS3 HAS BEEN TEARING IT UP!

nnotdead2785d ago

they both have games. if you are deciding which to buy now, they both have a huge catalog of games to choose from.

if you like a bunch of games both systems have to offer, then it comes down to; would you rather have the xgame chat and other social networking, or would you rather also get a good Blu-ray player?

still can't decide. choose based on what friends have. if you are going to want to play online with the games your friends like buy the one that more friends own. if you're more of a SP kind of guy, buy the one your friends don't have, so you can play the big games they own for their system, and the big games for your system.

still can't choose? FANBOY MODE ACTIVATE!!!! PS3 is the shiznit YO!!!

poopoojames2785d ago

you guys seem to forget that casual is what sells. 360 is right for most this christmas if you live in the US or UK. ps3 is long forgotten is these territories.

for me ps3 is the best choice. Although I hated the ps3 2010 line-up, 2011 games look awesome and to my taste.

BattleAxe2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

If I had a 5 year old kid, then an Xbox 360 with Kinect is the way I'd go, but if I wanted to play real high quality games and be able to watch movies(Blu-Ray) in 1080p, then its the PS3 all the way.

darthv722785d ago

wow you are brave letting a 5yr old play games like gears and alan wake and halo. Personally I would have said to get the 5yr old the wii because of more appealing games.

The control scheme can be a bit cumbersome with both the ps3 and 360 controllers for a 5yr old (hand size). The wii works well for that.

I would say if you already have a ps3, get a 360. If you already have a 360 get a ps3. If you already have both then go get some bloody games and play them for petes sake.

Pyscho_Mantis2785d ago

was does the 360 have. Halo Reach which is getting mauled by call of duty black ops and kinect LOL.

PS3 also has a lackluster holiday lineup but they have GT5

Biggest2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

It's almost as if darkcharizard (who is obviously trolling) expects people to buy a $399 gaming bundle just to play for Christmas day. What happens after that? I guess gamers are like Dory from 'Finding Nemo'. No new games for a while? Just keep swimming. . . Just keep swimming.

Edit: Who the hell really cares on N4G anyway? Every person that takes the time to post/troll/lie on this website has a gaming system of some sort. lolus?

rjdofu2785d ago

If you think about next year, then you know the answer.

moparful992785d ago

Ps3 long forgotten in the casual department? Seriously? So little big planet, ratchet and clank future: tools of destruction and a crack in time, sly cooper collection, heroe's on the move, eye pet, and little big planet 2 don't qualify as casual/ family friendly games? But at the same time the system that has had Maybe 2 titles in this department (banjo kazooie nuts and bolts and viva pinata) and saturated with M rated titles like halo, gears, call of duty, alan wake, splinter cell and so on is suddenly the choice for families because microsoft release kinect??? WOW people are up to their chins in crap on this site... Sony has long pushed the fact that the ps3 is the "everyman" of consoles and the 360 has been the "hardcore" device and in the span of a month all that has changed? Give me a break.. This site is rife with hypocrisy and bias....

Lightsaber2785d ago

Really depends on who's buying anyone in their teens are young will go striaght for the ps3. They think $ony invited videos games. Older gamers normally go for the 360.

ps3 has more exclusives and poor copies of just about every feature from 360 and the wii right down to the wiimote aka move.

360 has the best online , best exclusives and the kinect give you a great work out while still having fun

moparful992784d ago

@lightsaber Umm I'm 26 and have several friends in their late 20's that own ps3's.. You, like most biased and opinionated people, are generalizing gamers and putting them in classes... 360 gamers generally buy their systems because of the "Their friends have one" mentality.. They follow the group and microsoft has honed in on this technique and its working for them but only in north america... Exclusives? lol ok buddy...

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Anton Chigurh2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )


jashmister2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

4.Wii (Its popularity is lowering for now)

Samus HD2784d ago


Wii is always best for cristmas ( just watch)

Spider0502785d ago


Xbox 360 has no games... PS3 has 15 AAA exclusive games next year, Xbox 360 has only Gears of War 3

FACTUAL evidence2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

GET THEM BOTH! You won't regret it! They both have amazing things to offer!

EDIT: Geez...disagreers must really hate the ps3, or 360.


Why did you have to go there....Let me break that list down for you.

Blu-ray-who really cares? Glad ps3 has it but there are cheaper blu-ray players now that are better.

hardrives- Wow.....really? You can use externals for BOTH consoles anyway.

the cell: lol cmon pal really? I won't lie it's a power house but really now?

web browser- lmfao!!! Ok now you're looking silly. I wouldn't even have mentioned the peice of shit web browser. If you can actually run that thing for 30 mins without your ps3 freezing then golly!

built in wifi- musta forgot about 360 slim?

FREE online- ps3 fanboys favorite excuse. Since it's free it's better, yet psn STILL has no voice messaging feature!? lol yea better...not even gunna mention things like a party system, cross game chat, and game ID changes...oops I just did.

Folding @ home- Stop now...plz your making me look bad as a ps3 owner.

The best exclusive- One's preference, and we share the same...we should play UC2 one day.

dgonza402785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

ok lets look at this critically,
whats more important FACTUALevidence?
Blu-ray or being able to voice message,good party system, xgame chats, or ID changes?

in my opinion?
Blu-ray > Voice messaging, xgamechat, party system, and ID changes

Blu-ray: gives the disc of every game more room to have a longer and more beautiful looking experience (and i can play blu-ray movies, +1)

VMing, xgamechats, party system, ID changes: is any of this REALLY worth 60 bucks a year? not to me. Sure, these things are nice, but it isnt what makes gamers decide a console.

You're correct about exclusives being a preference, but with more variety on the PS3, it's more likely they will find more AAA games they will like on the PS3

I think i covered everything you pointed out, correct?
If you have both consoles then great, but this article is probably made for people who CANT AFFORD both. So if you're looking for the best product, there really isnt an argument about going to the PS3, unless you have a child and want the kinect for them. the 360 is tapped out (excluding connect) but PS3 is still going strong

Dig_Dug2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

The PS3 has:
Blu-Ray Drive
Upgradeable Hard-Drive
The "Cell" Processor
Wireless controllers
Built-in WI-fi
FREE Online
[email protected] (for all the philanthropists out there.)
The best exclusives (PS3 games were named GOTY three years running.)

The Xbox 360 has:

never_waste_a_bullet2785d ago

c'mon now give xbox some's got....well....if you're into spending money you'll love it

darthv722785d ago

to be honest, the only ones worth mentioning from your list are:
bluray and the cell.

Everything else isnt as big a chest pounding as they once were.

Biggest2785d ago

Did you seriously ask "Who cares?" when talking about BluRay? Commercials now say "Buy it on BluRay combo-pack" instead of "Buy it on DVD, or HD if you have it". It's safe to say that BluRay matters more now than it did last holiday season. I'm pretty sure these commercials are going to work:

Samus HD2784d ago

I hate 360 that it doesn't have Free online (it's been 3 month for me with no Gold membership :A)

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wotta2785d ago

I wish people would read the article, it really doesn't suggest that anything other than you should choose the console which is right for you.

The above excerpt is just stating fact, PS3 does have more exclusives than Xbox 360, please feel free to disagree if I'm wrong.

In my opinion though its a very fair and balanced article.

jordypordy2785d ago

Should probably have pick another paragraph from the article to post lol.

alex33692785d ago

lol i think your right. people are hating on you even haha. sucks that there are soo many fanboys. i see more ps3 fanboys on here but still jeez people its a console. if you aint happy get the other one and if you only have a ps3 or xbox the STFU your opinion doesnt matter. people troll what they havent tried, thats what i call ignorance. peace

Killman2785d ago

Me personally, I would say PS3. It has more value over time.

Internet Browser
Free Online
PS Home
Does not need batteries or battery packs
Best multimedia console
.....and more.

The 360 has its perks as well but it is outnumbered.

HuntingJake2785d ago

This is the problem with fanboys, they start arguments straight away. This article helps you to decide, and Joe doesn't try to shove his opinions on you at all, why can't anyone else be like this?

If you think the Kinect experience is better, fair enough. You don't need to tell everyone who likes move the 360 is better. Because it's perfectly acceptable to prefer Move and the PS3, and it's perfectly easy to argue move is better, and the technology is more impressive. And Vice-Versa.

And "PS3 offers nothing for christmas" is a stupid comment. If it's a new console, why should someone be restricted to the newer releases, they may want to get some of the older exclusives like Uncharted 2, and LittleBigPlanet - after all, they wont have owned them before. Someone who's into films may thing a PS3 is a no-brainer for Christmas, with it's Blu-Ray drive. Whereas someone who is into family games might opt for the 360 as it has Kinect.

Keep your opinions to yourself if you aren't going to let someone else have their own.

tigertron2785d ago

If you don't have a PS3 or 360 (where have you been all this time?!) then just do some research on the games that both consoles have and buy the one which has the most games that appeal to you, and also take note of the features that they have. Simples.