ESRB Watch: Another NeoGeo Game Rated For PSN

Puzzled is the latest NeoGeo title to be rated for PSN. Will Sony ever release these games?

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I_Like_Good_Games2702d ago

neogeo is great on any platform.

Close_Second2702d ago

When will we see these for PSP in NZ????

Master of Unlocking2702d ago

Come on Sony, release Garou Mark of the wolves and Last Blade 2 remastered in HD with AA and online play on the PSN, already!
Oh, and the King of Fighters series! And Pulstar! And Blazing Star! And the Fatal Fury series! And the Samurai Shodown series! And, and, and...
Phew, too many to name. XD Thank god I still have my good ol' Neo Geo AES!
*boots League Bowling*