IGN: Gran Turismo 5's Damage Explained

IGN: Sony has debunked claims that damage in Gran Turismo 5 is unlocked, telling IGN that the feature "occurs right from the beginning."

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ryuzu2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Indeed it does - only the severity changes and at lower levels it can be pretty subtle and take a big shunt as well.

First time I spotted it messing with photo mode in a replay at level 2 - I had to do a double take. Thought there was something wrong with my eyes until I realized there was a nice dent and some scuffing on my left wing :)

Sadly it gets more severe as you progress through levels and is ruining all my lovely videos due to some <ahem> driving indiscretions ...



Oh pls im tired of all this gt5 articles, every one knws the game is amazing.... if ur the type of gamer that buys games on reviews then too bad cuz uve missed out on alot of games in history... gt5 is out and its amazing, if u like it buy it if u dont like it after u buy it just return the game.

4Sh0w2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

4Sh0w + 16h ago
"Also how do we know its full damage at lvl 40? I watched some vid claiming the driver was at 40 yet it still took several impacts at high speed to get proper damage, and some on GTplanet claim its fake and they get the same damage at lower levels after several high speed impacts. I'm curious what is truth from fiction, it would sure be nice if Kaz gave a straightfoward answer instead of saying damage will come later???"

yep, people who were not even at level 40 themselves were accepting that vid from some random guy as fact and blaming all the websites for not playing to level 40, even some ps3 fans sites were accepting that vid as gospel say Kaz pulled a trick on reviewers, now sony confirms:

"Damage occurs to cars right from the beginning," Sony said in a statement, "it is not "unlocked."

"Standard models have minor deformation and scratches," said Sony, "Premium cars have greater visible level of damage, and Premium racing models have the highest level of damage."

Which basicly validates sites who said there was a lack of damage or that damage was dissapointing. This is nothing against GT5 which is still an amazing game I just think it highlights whats wrong with fanboys, they prematurely attack sites with false claims instead of just realizing everybody isn't going to like a game as much as they do, "OMG its got to be a conspiracy".

-Alpha2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )


That's exactly what I was saying.

I was trying to tell people to stay skeptical yet people blasted me for not playing the game despite others accepting that level 40 unlocks some more accurate damage despite they themselves not being anywhere near level 40.

The video was highly questionable when you realized that it did not show a full, natural race. The guy could have been ramming his car forever for all we know yet people ignored that possibility completely.

There is a reason why Sony was promising a patch for damage.

ShinMaster2644d ago

We all already know there's damage from the beginning.
But how much?

Pacman3212644d ago

I think we can all safely say that everyone is confused

Dee_912644d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

damage intensify as the player progresses to higher levels.

ECM0NEY2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

Please let me know how to return an opened game? Thanks! bubs for an answer lol

Dee_912643d ago

well i find it quite weird that when i play online the damge is way more intense
im only lvl 18
my friend said damge does intensify after lvl 20
so show it could have been possible lvl 40 unlocks more damage .. not just unlock damge ..
i never read much into that lvl 40 unlock damage crap

tbh after so many hours of racing and jizzing im still confused
becausse it would only take like 2 bumps to get alot of damge on some races and the next you barely get any damage

i think if you have all asist off it has something to do with it

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redsquad2644d ago

Why the hell did someone disagree with you (apart from the usual "spolied brat" reason, of course!)?

It's a FACT that damage is there from the off - I saw it myself, deliberately scraping a wall to produce sparks and minor deformation of the car at level 2. As you level up and your driving proficiency is improving, then the damage worsens - I've seen my car bonnet buckling and gaps opening up at level 13 now.

If you 'cheat' to level up by using high powered cars on low level events, you'll suffer the consequences (and damage) as a result, because the AI will get more aggresive but your skill as a driver won't.

joydestroy2644d ago

i flipped a '62 Buick Special on a race track and the back left corner was bent upwards all to hell. it was extremely obvious haha. and that was a standard car =D

Ultraplayerxd2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

I went the opposite way at Daytona with a '69 Chevy Camaro and rammed the oncoming cars at 189 mph, I'm at level 12 and nothing happened, not even a dent.

-Ikon-2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

All I see in this Article is further proof IGN didn't play this game. Or at least get past level 7. If they did then they wouldnt have had to go to Sony for this information.

Yes minor damage happens at level 1. The real damage dont start till level 40. The AI also changes at this level.

Moral of the story. Play the Game.

Shadow_Fox2644d ago

Are you guys even reading the article?

"Sony has since clarified to IGN how damage works in the game. "Damage occurs to cars right from the beginning," Sony said in a statement, "it is not "unlocked."

On the IGN review people bitched and moaned because IGN didn't play game long enough to get to level 40 and see the "real" damage. FACT is, you don't unlock the damage at level 40, you unlock it from the start of the game. That came straight from Sony's mouth.

BryanBegins2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Seems to me that Sony just said that it was NOT the case that damages would change at level 40. This rumour started because of one video, with no proof what so ever.

Maybe I didn't understand correctly though.

2644d ago
James Vanderbeek2644d ago

people dont like to play games anymore brotha. if its not online then they dont want to play it and unlock stuff. thats the way people are. its sad but true.

DaTruth2644d ago

Damage does occur from the beginning and that was never in dispute, but IGN didn't say damage was disappointing on standard cars, they said damage was disappointing period.

If you didn't play the game very far, you likely wouldn't have gotten any premium cars and the damage would seem disappointing. If you played until lvl 40, you would likely have all the premium cars and wouldn't be disappointed.

So however the damage occurs, this doesn't let IGN off the hook for not playing enough the game.

MariaHelFutura2644d ago

I`m playing it right now and that`s not true. All of this is seriously disappointing.

@da truth

The damage advances on the standard cars aswell.

BTW, I will NEVER go to IGN ever again. This is insane they`re straight up lying.

tawak2643d ago

now are they trying to explain?like a guilty crime

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JetLyfe4202644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )


I stopped reading IGN like 2 years ago, basically when i found out about N4G!

EDIT: Im on N4G arent i? Not IGN... Go troll somewhere else clown

Matthew942644d ago

then why are you here if you dont read ign??????????????????????????? ????????????????????????

rjdofu2644d ago

@Matthew94: hey, he's reading N4G right?

teething2644d ago

Ahhh yes... but then Gamespot took the time to review GT5 "properly"... and gave it a lower score.


I dont knw y u pple r complaing about IGN. just ignor them, they messed up and every one knws.GT5 is on course to sell 2-3 million in its first week in europe alone and that says alot about the game. i knw they r having problems online but i have no problem with that bcuz i knw it will b fixed in just a matter of time hopeful not to long.

Mr Marbles2644d ago

But it was you guys who said the damage was "unlocked" at level 40? How can you guys criticize IGN and others for not knowing "wtf" they are talking about, or not having played the game long enough, when even you guys didnt know "wtf" you were talking about?

Further more, the confusion on this issue just proves how much of a mess the game is, how can millions of people who are playing the game not be able to figure out something that is so simple on every other driving game, damage.

This game is an affront to the collective dignity of game design, frankly this entire situation borders on disgrace.

Pledius2644d ago

it shows IGN is playing around with "words"

let's face it, everyone who saw that lvl40 damage video here knows that the damage system was progressive. so it gets more better/realistic w/e word you want to use as you get better; in this case leveling up more.

you read IGN's review first and then read this BS. in their review it clearly states how disappointing damage was in GT5. Well of course because IGN never really played above level7 or w/e. And then all the real players complain about this issue they come up with this BS "article" to cover their ass

if you really think it was "you guys who said it 'unlocks'" then you're just being ignorant. face it, everyone knew what it meant about lvl40 progressive damage and if you play around with words then you're just ignorantly hating this game and indirectly protecting IGN

IGN should just say "sorry we messed up" and apologize instead trying to cover their ass and control damage not admitting they messed up their review big time

Elven62643d ago

I really don't understand people sometime...this is SONY saying the damage model does not unlock at level 40 since it unlocks at level 1 if you will.

Pledius2643d ago


here's a quote from GameInformer review:

paragraph 8:

"Car damage has been requested for years, and now that it’s in there, I find the way it’s presented strange. You unlock it later in the game, and up until that point the damage is cosmetic and slight. Frankly, however, its absence in the beginning of the game only meant that by the time it started to matter, I was past worrying about when it would show up. I suggest you keep some money handy, because rebuilding your chassis isn’t cheap. Or better yet – don’t crumple your car in the first place."

hmm really?

Elven62643d ago


Send that quote to Sony then since it looks like they don't know the game too well as I'm quoting an article about their quote.

Read the story.

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UnbiasedTroll2644d ago

finally that stupid claim of level 40 unlock non sense should be gone.

Was a very dumb excuse people used without no evidence just a youtube video. Sony has clarified now it should be at peace that GT5 damage is just at minor levels.

Pledius2643d ago

another idiot not reading stuff

quote from GameInformer review(just go there check it out)

"Car damage has been requested for years, and now that it’s in there, I find the way it’s presented strange. You unlock it later in the game, and up until that point the damage is cosmetic and slight. Frankly, however, its absence in the beginning of the game only meant that by the time it started to matter, I was past worrying about when it would show up. I suggest you keep some money handy, because rebuilding your chassis isn’t cheap. Or better yet – don’t crumple your car in the first place."

MariaHelFutura2644d ago

Why is IGN lying? Again.

This is insane. I`m playing RIGHT NOW and damage and AI advances as you go thru the game and the damage on the standard cars gets worse too.

Again, this is insane.

SoapShoes2644d ago

They aren't lying, just not telling the truth. Sure it's not "unlocked" but that doesn't mean it doesn't progress. They're spreading half-truths.

Elven62643d ago

They're quoting Sony...

According to Sony, the damage model you're "experiencing" doesn't exist.

Halochampian2643d ago

So who do we believe? A 20 sec vid on youtube or Sony themselves?

Thats pretty much what it comes down to.

MariaHelFutura2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

You people are insane.

I`m NOT arguing w/ you about something I`m playing.

I`m glad for all of this in the end, it made me realize how much I hate gamers and the industry in general.


So that vid we saw was FAKE and I`m lying?!?!

"his is SONY saying the damage model does not unlock at level 40 since it unlocks at level 1 if you will."

It`s there, it gets worse. Not to complex. I wish I knew you in real life, I`d make a mannakin of you.


Elven62643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

I'm just relaying what Sony has said to the public about damage in GT5, I don't understand why you're threatening me over this when I don't work for IGN, Sony, or PD!

Read the story, don't worry, the Sony quote isn't even a complete sentence so it won't take too much of your time to read.

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teething2644d ago

Wow, just wow.

I said right from the start that the one video I saw of the damage was the same damn one quoted on every web site.

I found it funny that all of the PS3 fanboys were stating the "genius" of Polyphony for exposing poor reviews that were released pror to playing to level 40. Then there were the reviews that "properly" reviewed the game and praised it's great damage modeling. WHO DID THE PROPER REVIEW??? Answer = not the fanboys or fanboy websites.

bviperz2644d ago

Wow, GT5 has got to be the most nit-picked game of this generation. Some reviewers and fanboys are trying too hard to not to give GT5 a perfect score. It's funny how all these negatives are blown out of proportion for GT5 yet other games get free passes.

Spitfire_Riggz2644d ago

The funny thing is that I actually saw my first real damage on a STANDARD car! On the Special 62 I believe. The muscle beast.

Vherostar2643d ago

Also who cares about damage? Really? The 360 fans most likely as they like to hold one over ps3 fans no matter how small. I personally wish there was an option to remove the damn thing it's a stupid feature and they only added it as fans demanded it to match Forzas damage. It's like the whole Cross Game chat crap going on. PS3 fanboys only want it because 360 fans have it... I mean seriously??

Why can't being different be great anymore?? Why does everything have to be the same? I personally think a different experience = more sales in most cases.

tplarkin72643d ago

GT5 is not finished. That's why there are "standard" models and why damage quality varies.

Common sense would say that all cars should be the same quality and have the same damage.

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mrv3212644d ago

Sony really should have said something a long the lines of...

'Damage is something you get from the outset, something people who actually have played the game will tell you.'

iPad2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

IGN, just get to Level 40, demolish your car, quit the race, head over to GT Auto, and look at the repair costs.

You'll be surprised ;)

Yamauchi exposed everyone.

He deserves an award for being awesome.


The first picture: Jizzz. looks like real life.

Shadow_Fox2644d ago

"Sony has since clarified to IGN how damage works in the game. "Damage occurs to cars right from the beginning," Sony said in a statement, "it is not "unlocked."

"Standard models have minor deformation and scratches," said Sony, "Premium cars have greater visible level of damage, and Premium racing models have the highest level of damage."

Straight from Sony's mouth, you don't need to be level 40 for NOTHING, it's unlocked straight from the start of the game. Yamauchi did nothing, exposed no one, you guys are just wrapped up in a stupid rumor from a video posted on Youtube SAYING you need to be level 40 with NO proof. Damage is based on the car, not your level.

Trytobee12644d ago

Wow, apparantly facts don't mean anything around here.

This is N4G.
Better to just say GT5 is awesome, Kinect sucks and move along.

Killed4Less2644d ago

you're waisting your time trying to convince the crowd here in full on damage control.

what you are saying is right but for some reason they pretend it is still tied into level. The only thing exposed are the fools who hyped this mediocre racer to high heaven.

SuperM2644d ago

Djeez, how about you buy the game yourself before youn start talking about it? Ive never seen or heard anyone say damage is unlocked at lvl 40. Damage does however increase as you level up. Nothing stated in this article has anything to do with that, it just states what we have always known, that there is damage in the game from the start. But please keep spinning this.

TKCMuzzer2644d ago

Your point. This also proves poor reviewing. If IGN had played the game enough and got to the better cars they could have mentioned this in the review which is what they should have done. As a review site with 'paying' subscribers they should not have to contact Sony to confirm anything. They are the ones producing a review and therefore should have discovered this for themselves, you know like a proper gamer.

Shadow_Fox2644d ago


No it doesn't prove poor reviewing either. In THEIR opinion, the damage in GT5 is not that great, that doesn't mean they didn't play to "level 40" or "Only played until level 5" , that means exactly what it says, they didn't think the damage was that impressive. The damage is based on which car you drive, maybe they didn't drive one of the few that have sever damage, there is 1,000 cars after all. The only reason they reached out to Sony is because fanboys on this site got their undies in a twist and start posting in the comment section on IGN about how damage is unlocked and they made a false review etc.

What this article proves, is how pathetic GT5 fanboys are. They got so upset about reviews that without question, believed a Youtube video over all the reviews because "OMG How can GT5 not get all 9's or higher". You guys were so deep in denial you were believing anything and everything to point the finger at the sites because God forbid someone doesn't think every aspect of GT5 is "mind blowing".

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never_waste_a_bullet2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Hey if I total my car and exit, in practice mode, will i have to pay for damages?....I don't want to find out myself b/c I don't have much money left...

4Sh0w2644d ago

IGN was the one being bashed because supposedly they didn't know damage would be better at level 40, now you guys are saying they are doing damage control when outright proving from sony's own mouth that DAMAGE IS NOT UNLOCKED AT LEVEL 40. The lack of damage found at level 1 on standard cars is the same no matter what level.

Just read the comments here:

Spider050 + 3d ago | Well said level 40 gets you simulation-level damage
I am telling you...
Reviews havent beat this game and already saying: no damge, bad game...

I made level 40. So great damge #1.1 Agree(117) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply

You see there, 117 agree's from someone claiming that higher level of damage comes from being at level 40, by sony's own admission that is completely false.

IGN was correct, because "Standard models have minor deformation and scratches," said Sony= is that not a lack of damage for well over half the cars in the game?(800) and that means even the premiums have different levels of damage you can do to them. Seriously I have seen it all, PD made these choices and now its reviews faults for actually doing their job and informing their readers about it. wow n4g is crazy.

MORGiON2643d ago Show
thor2643d ago


I have not seen ANY proof of this fact.

Damage is simply dependent on the car as far as I can see, and it still takes a few crashes to see it.

Until I see a level 1/40 comparison video with the same car driving in the same way around the same track, I'm going to remain skeptical.

sleepy32644d ago

For some reason that car does not look that good while playing the game. Seriously, pause the game and look at it. They are obviously higher end models for photo mode.

Can't blame them, those models x 16 on a track would be a slideshow

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komp2644d ago

who is doing the damage control?

gamingisnotacrime2644d ago

lmao what a failure of a site

redDevil872644d ago

Ever since the GTA4 10/10 they've been on the slide

despair2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

I agree, and the layoff a while back sealed the deal at least from what I saw. The new reviewers are horrible with no in depth look at the games and 90% getting 1 page reviews poorly written.

gamingisnotacrime2644d ago

the site is going down in flames

IGNorants have to pay for their bs

Elven62643d ago

Yeah, a quote from Sony...

Do people even bother reading articles on this site anymore?

What ever you want to believe...