Jaffe loves PS3 exclusivity more than audience expansion

Twisted Metal won't be coming to the Xbox 360. Obviously not, since Sony owns the game's license. Still, even if creator David Jaffe could put it on the 360, he apparently would not. According to the developer, giving the PS3 exclusives is more rewarding than expanding his potential audience.

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Cevapi882786d ago

the comments on destructoid are beyond ignorant...they have a problem with him supporting a company that he worked for along with giving birth to one of the best IPs last gen, GoW

let alone the fact that Sony owns TM and i would think that they are helping with the development of the game

All_4_One2786d ago

Thanks for pointing that out, funny comments. Just a bunch of butthurt PS3 haters it seems, nothing new.

Game-ur2786d ago

Sony are smart to pick 3rd party devs that care more about making the best game possible, not make the most money.

Like Eat Sleep Play, Quintic Dreams Sucker Punch and others.

NecrumSlavery2786d ago

Maybe Destructiod thinks they should of did it kind of how Ninja Theory expanded. By making a mediocre game instead of utilizing a solo technology and building the best game from it. Twisted Metal is Playstation. And if the 360 community wants Twisted Metal, buy a PS3 or make a car combat game for your own damn console.

Anarki2786d ago

Not many people like Jaffe these days, tbh. Sacrificing money for quality.

BlackTar1872786d ago

Anarki how is he sacraficing money for quality?

adn why dont they like him xbox only fans dont like him but people who grew up and were grown know that Jaffee games are almost all great.
Calling all cars bad but TWISTED metal is ridiculusly awesome if you dont agree thats to bad i know all my friends that are now 30etc are waiting for this game like the second coming cuz we played spilt scree for hrs and hrs and hrs.

The canal on TM1 was epic.

-Alpha2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

There is nothing in this article that states Jaffe loves PS3 exclusivity-- just that TM is Sony-owned and he supports Sony differentiation. Way to over-exaggerate the title.

However, Jaffe has said time and time again his appreciation for Sony and he describes this very well.

He speaks highly of how they give developers the utmost support in terms of money and time.

From what I understand, and I could be wrong, their first party studios have little to worry about when you are financed by Sony and have creative freedom to market a game whichever way you want.

There is a video on Youtube, this may be it though I can't confirm it at the moment since I'm in a public hall:

He basically explains this, and its always made me appreciate what he says.

DaCajun2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

To the people that disagreed with Anarki you people need to re-read his comment.

I seriously believe he meant not many people are like Jaffe not that people don't like him. You know not many people are like him that would sacrifice money to put out a quality game. Because why would someone say that people would not like Jaffe because he sacrifices money for quality. Think you rabid fanboys before you attack someone.

Try taking time to read and think before you crucify people on here.

BlackTar1872786d ago


This is the internet. We dont go thru everyones post looking or expecting them to mess up multiple times and then to give them the benefit of the doubt with no proof.

So you need to think before you comment on other people becasue as far as you know he meant it how it came out your guess is as good as anyone elses here.

Anyways i didnt disagree in the button form but you can't rave about others using there brain because you interpret something that is completely possible to go either way.

The fact he hasnt come to clarify or anything of the sort leads be more towards he typd it right but wrong. Anyways calm down no one is killing him over it its the INTROWEBZ DAWG

anyways Game On

NeutralGamer2785d ago


Bubble for you and an agree for calling them PS3 haters and not Xbox fanboys!


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Jaces2786d ago

Want TM?

Get a PS3.

It's that simple. If you don't already have one then don't even bother, there are too many great exclusives to not have a PS3 by now.

Ahhh, Twisted Metal, it's been too long. :D

Motorola2786d ago

Once I get TM for PS3, I may have to put GT5 down for Once D:

TheLastGuardian2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

David Jaffe is the effing man. Screw the haters. Go Jaffe!

Twisted Metal is going to be so incredible. I still can't even believe it's really coming. I get so giddy when I look at the gameplay.

jack_burt0n2786d ago

Jaffe gets my money, simple as.

lokiroo4202786d ago

Translation: "Fuck DVD-9!"

Unknow_Master2786d ago

man jaffe love to talk why cant jaffe love to shut the fock up
beside his games are over rated
gow? come on always the same thing. guy has familly problem kill his wife, than kill ares than realise that zeus is his father than kill his uncle(ares) than kill his hunt than kil is other brotherr than realise he has a brother. man why would kill your famiilly over your familly because you were stupid.
beside you can finish gow with only square sqaure triangle

Biggest2786d ago

I know you're trolling. I really, really do. God of War was fully created by Jaffe and his team. The God of War series after that was not fully created by Jaffe and his team. He had nothing to do with God of War III or either of the PSP versions. So yes, the original God of War was a big repeat of the original God of War. Nice sleuthing on that one.

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Killed4Less2786d ago

Jaffe of course your Sony's beotch we don't need a story to tell us this. Considering you haven't done anything worth a squirt this gen unless you want to count that Calling All Cars game that even you are embarrassed about I don't think 360 gamers are missing anything.

ryuzu2786d ago

"I don't think 360 gamers are missing anything"

Apart from some exclusives.... MS would be overjoyed if Bungie had said something like this, they didn't and neither has anyone else.

Personally, I'm looking forward to TM, but I don't think it's going to set the world on fire because it just isn't a deep kind of game style.


Ducky2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

... not a deep kind of game style?

Not to be rude, but have you played any of the previous console Twisted Metal games?
The world always gets set on fire in a TM game. :D

Vesemir2786d ago

Why are you worried ?? You have Kinect man !
You shouldn't be so altered.

ryuzu2786d ago

I've played all the Twisted Metal games (although some of them not for long).

I find them fun, but I sort of feel like the world has moved on - it seems these days everyone wants realism without the.... well, realism :)

Twisted Metal just seems a bit too zany to be a big hit with gaming fashion being what it is. I'll still get it day one though - if for no other reason than to support the developer.


Ducky2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Ahh I see, I guess its not your cup-o-tea. ;)

I look forward to it since this "realism" is really draining games for me. They used to be about fun.
I bought Twisted Metal Black for the ps2 in its infancy and still played it while my ps2 was on its deathbed.

TM:Black and DevilMayCry3 got plenty of playtime from me last-gen since unlike the majority of other games, they had challenging difficulty.
I hope this new TM doesn't disappoint in terms of making me cry uncle.

Biggest2786d ago

"Twisted Metal just seems a bit too zany to be a big hit with gaming fashion being what it is."

I know what you mean. With all that realistic Wii-ing and Kinect-ing going on, no one has room for unrealistic games. They want real life flailing and raft flying.

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SuperKing2786d ago

Aww, another 360 fanboy who wanted Twisted Metal. Oh well I guess you shovelware to look forward too?

electricshadow2786d ago

@ ryuzu and SuperKing- Guys, don't reply to him. He's just trolling. Ignore him.

karl2786d ago

well.. you are obviously MS "beotch" so i dont think u can talk about jaffe...

u cannot hate SONY and not be a fanboy after all they've done for gaming...

All_4_One2786d ago

"TM is Sony owned and made just for PS3 users."

Damn right.

PeeWizzle2786d ago

Go Jaffe! Show them how to work it!