The Monster Hunter Waits Begin Now

Andriasang: Gamers line up outside major retailers in Japan.

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Chris3992636d ago

I'm not really a sales figures guy, but the PSP has really hit it's stride in the East. That thing is a monster.

The past few years with all the support from Atlus and XSeed, it's become my JRPG machine of choice too. DS has quite a few too, but they're more SNES retro style than PS2 console JRPG. Great time to have either handheld really, if you dig JRPGs.

NovusTerminus2636d ago

Yeah, I am looking forward to MHP3 when it comes state side. The PSP has hit a stride in the east, I just hope Atlus keeps the JRPG's coming.

Chris3992636d ago

but NISA is localizing all of Imagepooch's stuff. Oh, and I forgot about NIS, they are JRPGs staples too. Sure some of their stuff is total loli-filled madness, but they keep the games coming for better or worse :) Can't wait for Disgaea 4. Ar Tonelico and Zill O'll too! Download the demo (two of them, actually) for the latter one off the Japanese PSN if you haven't already, it's quite good.

Myst2636d ago

I would be in that line to, I don't know if it's a good thing or not that a lot of people don't play that game. Not a mad rush of people to get the games, but no midnight launches either :/.

Hozi892636d ago

Capcom should really bring this experience to the console. I mean they could easily implement better gameplay mechanics, graphics, enviroments, more hours and great online. Just please don't make it like Lost Planet 2 co-op features.

George Sears2636d ago

There bringing the PC version for the 360 which ain't a bad start but they should bring the main series towards consoles I agree.

Japan just loves handhelds though and the series does in fact sell more on them so Capcom just give Japan fans what they want. (Or at least prefer more do to there lifestyles)

Arup022636d ago

Damn, only japan plays MH. I never saw this game outside asia.

NeloAnjelo2636d ago

Wait... Isnt the PSP Dead?... The answer is NO.


Monster Hunter was originally going to be a Ps3 exclusive, but was cancelled by Capcom. I believed it was done as result of the install base of the Wii. Also, at that time, the Ps3 was still really expensive. I hated Capcom for that. Imagine the numbers it would push? Plus a good online infrastructure?!

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