GameZone - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Review

Harry Potters latest game has him going from an open world Hogwarts, to a more Gears of War style system. Does the new third person shooter mechanic work, or should fans skip out on this title for their collection.

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barefootgamer2514d ago

Please gaming industry, no more licensed games! I'm begging you!

TheSanchezDavid2514d ago

Past Harry Potter games have received decent scores. I guess they really didn't bother much with this one.

archemides5182514d ago

some parts of it are ok, it's better when you "learn" the controls and fighting the dementors is always cool, but other parts are tedious and there's too much needless backtracking, and when they use the same settings over a few times it's pretty annoying.

StuartY2514d ago

The potential exist for a great HP game. So far, we've only seen average or rubbish ones.

RogueCheddar2514d ago

What a bummer. They were so enthusiastic about this game, I half expected it to be good.