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Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 21

GamingUnion.net releases its newest episode of Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 21. Hosts Darryl, Fozzie, Churro, and Melissa talk about Birth by Sleep sticker packages and the new Square Enix NA Twitter post. They also go into an in depth discussion about which battle system was their favorite, which version of Dearly Beloved is the best, and what a keyblade based around the Twilight saga would look like. (Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 3, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Nintendo DS, PS2, PSP, Square Enix)

mephman  +   1580d ago
They need to actually use their Twitter. It's pretty retarded.
tweex  +   1580d ago
Yeah, I agree! I sent them an email asking them to update it more often. Hopefully they will.
JDouglasGU  +   1580d ago
sweet contest!
tweex  +   1579d ago
KINGDOM HEARTS! I loved that part. Everyone should say the name like that :).

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