Sony Touts 'Incredible Demand' for PlayStation Move

Earlier today Sony provided a new sales updated on its PlayStation Move controller, revealing that the motion device has managed to surpass 4.1 million in sales worldwide. IG has now received a statement from Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) boasting about the controller's and the PS3's momentum.

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Godmars2902513d ago

And until there's a game that will really tempt me to buy one, I don't care.

Stop with these Move/Kinect articles. Both sides are doing nothing but damage control.

ryuzu2513d ago

I think there was a hope they would stem the tide of GT5 articles - looks like that didn't work :P


LordStig2513d ago

yea no doubt, i could go for a Bobby Kotick comment right about now :P

Boody-Bandit2513d ago

The retail stores in my area didn't have them in stock when I picked up GT5. I wanted the camera for head tracking. I had a buddy send me one from his area. He works for BB and got me a discount and shipped it for free. I should have it tomorrow. Doubt I will play the sports game since I am too into GT5 right now but I will give it a go sooner or later.

The friend that is sending it to me told me head tracking is a really neat feature. Cant wait to try it.

Anon19742513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Don't really see any "damage control" going on with Sony unless you count one release about sales figures "damage control. Then, almost instantly we got a big brained article snidely asking "Shipped or sold" as if it matters to anyone. Then this article came out which really doesn't give anymore information other than what was said by Sony regarding ship numbers.

By comparison - all of a sudden there's been a flood of "Kinect is selling out/hottest thing/THE item this holiday" articles that seem to have come out of left field after Microsoft came out with their updated sales figures. I don't know what's going on there, but there certainly seem to be a few articles reminding us that Kinect is out all of a sudden.

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Christopher2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Sony also touted 'incredible demand' for the PSPgo...

It's what companies do to sell products. I don't see Microsoft not touting the same level of demand for Kinect. We'll see the same thing with Nintendo 3DS.

SaberEdge2513d ago

That's true. All companies try to create the impression that their products are flying off the shelves and you would be lucky to get one. But I still think the Move and Kinect sales numbers are impressive. Certainly not the flops that some were predicting.

SoapShoes2513d ago

All they said about the Go is that it was selling to their expectations, they never said what those expectations were just that they weren't poor.

Biggest2513d ago

You don't see them saying that, cgoodno, because you close your eyes to create the world you want.


Christopher2512d ago

@Biggest (and others): Reread what I wrote, emphasis added.

I don't see Microsoft ***NOT*** touting the same level of demand for Kinect.

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iPad2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

so i read an article earlier about if those were shipped or sold numbers and all i gotta say is:

so its ok for microsoft to report shipped numbers but not Sony?

AnointedD2513d ago

Aaron Greenberg already confirmed the kinect numbers were sold to consumers, not shipped to retail.
You sir, are very welcome

AnointedD2513d ago

aarongreenberg RT @Gartenberg:
MSFT says it sold 2.5 million Kinect to
consumers. Impressive that's to
consumers not sell in to retail. #
You're welcome

Godmars2902513d ago

And we should always take a company's PR person at their word when relaying "facts."

SaberEdge2513d ago

Those are really great numbers. Congratulations to Sony! It's nice to see that the videogame industry is doing pretty well even during the general economic recession.

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Makavelli15272513d ago

Just got mine on Friday love it I went everywhere looking for another remote and they're sold out

moparful992513d ago

I've had mine since launch night and I still can't get enough of sports champions.. Really looking forward to killzon3 and sorcery...

PinkFunk2513d ago

I really want more games for it... I know they're coming, but I'm already bored of Sports Champions. I should get MAG but I suppose i'm waiting for KZ3. Sorcery looks amazing, and I hope that UC3 and inFamous2 have Move support. In fact, I hope everything has Move support because i'd probably play it rather than the DualShock. So far I see a lot of potential in terms of tight controls!

Motorola2513d ago

Sports champions is killer on Gold level gladiator. I want another Move, maybe it will make me better?

moparful992513d ago

I feel your pain PinkFunk its such a good controller that you hunger for more experiences but knowing sony they're coming.. Keep the faith! lol.

GrandTheftZamboni2513d ago

They had some today at BestBuy here in Toronto, but I snagged the last 320GB/Move bundle. SonyStyle was out of the Move bundles and GT5.

Buffniceguy2513d ago

Around my hood it's sold out if you find one buy it asap.

chasegarcia2513d ago

plz stop with the Move,GT5, & COD articles. All three turned out great.

hoops2513d ago

Too many of these articles now

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