6 Things DICE Should Include in Battlefield 3

NextGN writes: "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has already left it’s mark in the gaming industry. DICE were one of the few developers that listened the gamers, and it showed – they delivered a product that exceeded gamers expectations. A handful of armored vehicles bundled with an almost completely destructible environment that was made possible by DICE’s Destruction 2.0 engine. Still, no matter how grand the battles are there is something that’s amiss in the this generation’s battlefield game – perhaps these things can be incorporated into the next installment?"

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SuggestionBoy2790d ago

Weren't they supposed to be patching a grid map into bc2? Otherwise, I completely agree.

godmoney2790d ago

Electronic Arts REALLY needs Battlefield 3 to be great after the huge flop Medal of Honor turned out to be...

KillerCucumber2790d ago

I hear mixed opinions about that game. People say they love the SP because of the story.

SuperKing2790d ago

Have you got a PC? I think it was on sale on Steam while back. I heard good things regarding single player, online is meh.

blumatt2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

The single player in Medal of Honor is great. The story is so realistic and you truly feel like you're engaged in an authentic battle. It forgoes all of Call of Duty's over-the-top action nonsense and goes more a more true-to-life experience. The online is okay, not great. Though, the only online that has kept my attention lately is KZ3 beta and I'm still playing Battlefield BC2.

godmoney2790d ago

I actually never played it - and I don't plan on doing that. I say it was a flop because of all the (pretty) bad reviews. My personal opinion doesn't really matter :).

visualb2790d ago

?? huge flop?

the game sold quite well

scores range from 7-8/10 ( good )

how on EARTH is that a huge flop....this gen is too obsessed stupid expectations

if a game doesn't have HUGE sales and 90%+ score its a "flop" = pathetic.

MoH is at worst a "good game"

worth 60 bucks? maybe maybe not, but its not a "flop"

want to see a flop?

godmoney2790d ago

When a company puts all of its available resources trying to create a Call of Duty killer and gets a "good game" it's a pretty huge flop...

Like I mentioned before - I never played MOH and I'm not a Call of Duty fanboy. Black Ops doesn't interest me at all.

If MOH was any other game I would say it was doing pretty good. Since it's pushed as a COD killer - it's a huge flop.

godmoney2790d ago

by the way, I wouldn't consider Larry as a flop since no one expected it to be good :)

PotatoClock2790d ago

They've never said that MOH was intended to be a COD killer. Its just a reboot of the series.
Even if your not a COD fan or anything like that your've still been sucked into the COD hype where they try and say that anything thats an FPS is trying to be COD.

Hufandpuf2790d ago

MOH's campaign was very good, the weapons felt realistic. The situations were intense, and the story was original and true to life. The downside was graphical issues and lackluster multiplayer (which surprised me). With a few patches to the MOH and the score should bump up a little.

Shackdaddy8362790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Kinda a bad article. I mean you can EXPECT everything he/she listed in BF game. Its been like that since the first BF. I think the author is comparing BF to BC which he shouldn't. BC2 = BF lite.

Disagree all you want. All BF games have had everything listed in this article.

deadreckoning6662790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I'm happy playing "BF Lite", no way I'm getting BF3. Theres so much I haven't unlocked in BC2 yet and I like that the maps are smaller than than a full-fledged BF game. Bigger maps doesn't necessarily mean "better" maps. And I don't buy shooters every year. When I spend 60 bux on a good shooter...I expect it to have me covered for at least 2 years. BC2 is living up to that. I'm definetly getting BC3 though.

KillerCucumber2790d ago

Yeah, but I did read an article somewhere saying that BC2 only ended that way because of console limitations. Mainly with the bandwidth. So, in his defence I agree with him. BC2 is one of my favorite online shooters of all time, if they manage to bring that back to the way the original Battlefield 1942 was then I will love them forever.

Shackdaddy8362790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Oh. I didnt mean BC2 was bad. I love that game. Im just saying its a scaled-down version of BF series.

And that the author said everything that I'm 95% sure is going to be in the game already. He is comparing BC2 to BF which he shouldn't. He should take into account of what the last BF game(BF2) touched on and add to that.

Thats all.

VenomProject2790d ago

I love Bad Company as a series, but it's got NOTHING on the original Battlefield games on the PC.

Seriously, if you think otherwise, you've never played the PC games. They're amazing feats of online multiplayer entertainment.

Shackdaddy836 knows what he's talking about, I've been playing Battlefield since 2002.

The 10th Rider2790d ago

So true, and don't you mean "since 1942"?

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Raf1k12790d ago

Seems like he's taken BF3 as being BC3.

SodoBot2790d ago

Turning BC2 into a full BF experience would be a landmark in gaming history. And I am no FPS gamer, so that says a lot.

Kitchen_Sink2790d ago

Yes it would be. Aw mah pants. I can't wait for this one!!

Shackdaddy8362790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Well thats what they are probably going to do since its on the same engine.

I'm really excited to see what the new additions to destruction will be like. They really improved from BC1 to BC2 so I cant even imagin the destruction that will be in BF3.

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