What's Your Favorite Black Ops Killstreak?

Platform Nation's Justin Keplinger asks what is your favorite Killstreak from Call of Duty Black Ops: In the previous Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare 2, the high end killstreaks were sought with a fervor. The game ending tactical nuke not withstanding, players were always looking to achieve the 11 killstreak titles, AC-130 and the Chopper Gunner. With the release of Black Ops came a whole new slew of killstreaks. The higher end titles including the newly revamped Chopper Gunner at 9 with the 11 titles being Attack Dogs and the Hind Gunship. What are your thoughts on the matter? What are your favorite killstreaks from the Call of Duty series?

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Desz2702d ago

My favorite Killstreak is Gran Turismo 5!!! Oh yeah GT5 yeah!

guigsy2702d ago


My favourite is Chopper Gunner and Attack Dogs at the same time. Dogs virtually eliminate any chance of your chopper being shot down.

captain-obvious2701d ago

1- care package
2- cobra
3- chopper gunner

BattleAxe2702d ago

My favorite killstreak is when I go 26 - 0 because I've been camping better than the best of them, only to have a teammate hunt me down and kill me because I was stealing everyones kills with my chopper gunner :D

theonlylolking2702d ago

Mine would be attack dogs, black bird, UAV or counter UAV. AGHHH cant decide

sp1deynut2702d ago

I use the Hardline perk, that takes one less kill requirement from all streaks, they go in this order:

1. Spy Plane (after 2 kills)

2. Care Package (after 4 kills)

3. Cobra (after 6 kills)

I love playing Combat Training, and getting my care package set out in the open, and picking off the A.I. as they flock to it...then mowing down 6-7 more with my Cobra. You can easily rack up 50-60 kills that way, in a 15 minute match. :D

WetN00dle692702d ago

My favorite is Chopper Gunner.

newhumanbreed2702d ago

RC-XD, Care Package, and Attack Dogs.

saf1007922702d ago

i hate that damn rc car. newbie killstreak nothing worse than hitting 8 or 10 in a row only to have some camper controlling a car come ruin it with his stupid lil rc car.. it should be 4 not 3 3 is too easy to get. especially when someone uses hardline

jetlian2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

use flak jacket it can't kill you if you do

Mine would have to be napalm. just watching people trying to stop the bomb and get burned lol. Dogs and gunship are nice too

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The story is too old to be commented.