GT5 has too many cars, says Shift 2 dev

Gran Turismo 5 has too many cars. That's the controversial opinion of Marcus Nilssen, executive producer on EA's forthcoming Shift 2: Unleashed.

"I think it's ridiculous, I do," said Nilssen, speaking to at a recent showcase event. "How many of the millions of people who will buy GT5 are going experience all those cars? None!

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Akagi2698d ago

I predict Shift 2 to be released, supported for about, oh, 6 months then they'll start pushing Shift 3.

UnSelf2698d ago

wow i truly use to believed this site was filled wit nothing but PS3 fanboys.


Am i the only one seeing this? You xbox fans are out of control, go comment in a 360 section more than once a week plz!

Cevapi882698d ago

i would have been perfectly fine with 400 Premium cars...its more than enough to keep me playing this game for months, even years

norman292698d ago

Have EA got something against GT5? They was nitpicking at it with NFS HP a few days ago too :|

BattleAxe2698d ago

LOL EA is all about releasing games with as little content as they can get away with. Just look at:

MoH: 8 maps with 4 game modes not playable on all maps and no co-op.

BC2: (fun game but...) released with 8 maps and 4 game modes not playable on all maps. Co-op released 4 months later for $10.00 which takes place on the existing maps.

So when I hear an EA rep say that alot of content is "rediculous" I gotta laugh.

ComboBreaker2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

"We would have made those extra cars DLC and charge $10 for each of those car," said Shift 2 dev.

acedoh2698d ago

So instead of giving the most diverse driving experience just give a limited experience. Shift was a good game but it doesn't come close to the GT5 experience.

Hideo_Kojima2697d ago

Its not about experiencing all the cars...
Its about experiencing any car you want...

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jeseth2698d ago

Looks like Balt got pwned.


"I'm selling my GT5 for 15 bucks on principle"


XabiTheHumble2698d ago

@Balt how do you know they were fanboys? what evidence in the storys support your claim that they are fanboys? the could have easily been regular gamers

iPad2698d ago

God, this gaming generation sucks.

mandf2698d ago

We used to talk about games but now we talk about sales, It's sad.

pixelsword2698d ago

They funny thing is that these bozos will try to sell you a tiny bit of extra content for ten bucks that should have been on the disc in the first place.

THE BIAS2698d ago

To criticise GT5 for having "too many cars" is pathetic. Im not going to get to drive them all no but I like the choice of selection. There's a hell of a lot of food in this world as well. Am I going to try it all in my lifetime? No. But at least I can choose my favourites. Life would be pretty boring if all you had was an apple and bread to eat.

joydestroy2698d ago

you might not get to drive them all, but i will. i'll be playing this game for yearsssss. my goal is to own every last car and i won't stop until i do!

MNicholas2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

to know which game he should be worried about.

What you have is basically a review of both games (GT5 and Forza 3), not by some clueless "journalist" but by an actual competitor.

On GT5:
"I would be foolish not to be concerned about GT5. GT5 is a beast. It's hard to understand what you should be worried about - it's so big and they have so many features."

On Forza 3:

"I fundamentally think that if you look at Forza 3 and you look at Shift 2, they're not in the same division. Shift 2 is just so far ahead."

Theonik2698d ago

Translation: "GT5 gives yo too much variety and choice, who wants to have a better range of cars to choose? Shift 2 will have ~150 cars and you better like them!"

Crazyglues2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

"GT5 has too many cars," says Shift 2 dev.

ha... ha... Translation - how the hell are we going to be able to match that, Now they are going to have everyone thinking games should come with at least 700 to 1000 cars... we won't even be close to that number..

Let me see what did shift have - like 60 cars... LoL -::) OWNED!

Yeah at EA we would much rather charge you for those extra 10 cars - you know DLC.. LoL

This Game better have some amazing Graphics or something because they got there work cut out for them if they are going to compete against GT5


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Balt 2698d ago ShowReplies(3)
Shadow_Fox2698d ago

I don't see having more cars a problem, but quantity > quality is a problem. If GT5 had a 1,000 cars and every single one of them look at least remotely close to the premium cars, then that would be amazing and one would be stupid to say it has "Too many cars". Unfortunately that isn't the case, instead there is 200 amazingly detailed cars, and 800 - I guess you could say - crappy looking cars. Having 1,000 cars on the box is very good for advertising, but will also lead to disappointment when customers realize that 80% of those cars aren't up to par with the premium ones.

Raendom2698d ago

Firstly 200 cars is 10 times more than what NFS usually has. Secondly, they're a thousand times more detailed, thirdly... those 200 cars ARE the ones that people will want to drive.

I'll admit there are a few standards that shouldn't be... (Veyron for example) but this is a small problem, not all games have the same cars and we should wait because Polyphony might start updating some of those "standard" cars.

Oh, and standard cars still look freakin' brilliant at times. It's actually hard to tell the difference on the track. They all handle differently too.

P1NKY2698d ago

Yeah but even the standard cars look decent when your driving them. I agree theyre not as good looking as the premium but theyre not ugly unless you zoom in on them. When your racing around a track your not going to be zooming in on the bumper etc.

itchy182698d ago

yeah i agree. the standard cars aren't look that bad. they're still good but not as good as premium cars. and afterall how it handles that's what matters most.

ComboBreaker2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

the 800 standard cars look better than the cars in most of the other racers out there, so we have no problem with the extra cars. Extra is extra. We welcome extra.

Only 360 gamers have a problem with the extra free contents. That's the problem with 360 gamers. They hate extra free contents. They rather have Microsoft charge them for extra free contents.

TThis shows the difference in mindstate between 360 gamers and PS3 gamers.

rdgneoz32698d ago

"How many of the millions of people who will buy GT5 are going experience all those cars?" Many will, but it'll take a while to unlock everything. If he wanted his statement to be true, he should have asked how many millions of people will experience all those cars within a week.

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