Yep, Kinect is the New Wii, Pitfalls and All‎

In essence, Kinect has become the new Wii, the hot gaming toy on top of many holiday wishlists. If Microsoft can keep it up, Kinect could keep the Xbox 360 alive for at least another couple of years.

But following the arc of the Wii is as dangerous as it is lucrative. Indeed, the news of Kinect’s soaring sales pairs nicely with Ben Fritz’s look at the declining Wii in the Los Angeles Times. He notes that stereotypical non-gamers — the same folks Microsoft is targeting — eventually lost interest in the Wii and didn’t buy enough software, and now monthly hardware sales are behind the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Major publishers eventually soured on the console as well. Now that Microsoft has proven that people want Kinect, its challenge is to keep those customers around.

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ryuzu2788d ago

Looks like there's some lag in the internet - lots of articles pro-claiming great sales for Kintec, but subsequent reports confirm that Move has sold better still.

Guess we'll get the Move articles in another hour or two.


Shadow_Fox2788d ago

Well what do you expect Move is $50, and Kinect is $150. A lot of people who buy Move will buy multiple Move controllers because they are needed for local multiplayer, or even some games that require 2 Move controllers. If 2 Kinect's were needed for 2 players at once, I bet the sales would be a lot worse because tons of people don't want to pay $150 for 1 player and another $150 for 2 players, but being set at $150 for 2-6 players makes it more reasonable.

Both are selling really well, and that's all that matters. That is if you care about sales.

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darthv722788d ago

A kinect unit costs $150 for single and multiplayer gaming.

A Move bundle to start is $100 for the camera and single Move unit. Additional Move units are $50 ea with the NavCon @ $30ea (not required).

Depending on the game, upwards of 4 Move units are required. That is an additional $150 for the 3 additional units to go along with the $100 bundle. That is $250 for TCO of the Move system.

Kinect is still $150.

Price graphs will vary due to individual purchases of the camera and additional units by them selves. If you already have the camera then you just need the controllers. 1x50=$50 and TCO 4x50=$200.

Kinect is still $150.

No matter how it gets spun around. Kinect for the $150 is the complete unit for single and multiplayer gaming. These prices are strictly based on pre existing ownership of the console to play.

Also, no matter the cost of one or the other. It is the amount of satisfaction you get from the purchase that really matters. Kinect purchasers that say it is worth the $$ should be given the same respect as Move purchasers that say the same.

Each to their own.

Bigpappy2788d ago

Kinect and Move actually do not compete. Move sale will not slow Kinect sale or Kinect sales will no affect Move sales. Move is on PS3 and Kinect on 360. The only people they compete for are casuals. Kinect is much more casual friendly and is completely hands free at this point. They maybe a few in the wii crowd who may want and HD wii. I believe that is what Sony was aiming for with casuals. Kinect is a completely diffent animal, that is introducing a new control sysyem to casuals. Move is also trying to appeal to current PS3 users by being another option to the controller.

I don't know for sure which approach will benefit the respective company more, but they are not competing for the same market at this point.

Anon19742788d ago

Anyone notice a flood of these articles recently? There was hype when Kinect first came out, then it all died off. Now, all of a sudden there seems to be a flood of "OMG, Kinect is THE item to have!"

Kinda weird how sudden all these articles came out almost at the same time. Almost like a concentrated media campaign.

ThatArtGuy2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Wrong post

justinb12788d ago

@ darthv21
And if you want four people to play kinect at once it costs.... err.... never mind.
On the other hand 7 move players at once is possible
try harder.

darthv722788d ago

"On the other hand 7 move players at once is possible" and more expensive. Now you are almost double the original cost.

Kinect is still just $150.

4 player kinect games?...yeah they're coming.

JacobIsHollywood2788d ago

No, they aren't.

Kinect only does 2 people at once.

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Godmars2902788d ago

I doubt we'll see as many Move sold more articles.

$500 million has to pay for something...

darthv722788d ago

if kinect sells 4mil at the price of $150 it would have a net result of $600mil. Make that marketing budget back plus some spending cash.

mrv3212788d ago

Net... key word, I'm surprised if Microsoft makes $50 on each Kinect sold.

SuperStrokey11232788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Sorry but they would actually have to pay for the kinects to be made still lol. You would have to remove that from your figures...

Its hardly simple math, then they have to include the shipping costs. Its been said that MS makes about 60 bucks on each bundle sold. That would require almost 10 million units just to make back just the advertising budget for the darn thing, let alone the price that they paid for the company to make it (300 million wasnt it?).

darthv722788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

ok super...they sell 5mil or 6mil or 8mil and still cover the cost of marketing and now whatever production cost may be.

Point is, they will get it back.

Reductions in production cost can usually be contracted if a given amount is reached. Like if I wanted 1mil of something and the company says to me that if I were to order 2mil then the cost to produce would be less. The old phrase...cheaper to buy in bulk can be applied to cheaper to produce in bulk as well.

We can assume that MS has some type of contract in place granting them a lower cost of production the more they sell. Where that magic number lies is between MS and the manufacturing co.

SuperStrokey11232788d ago

Not unit they sell far more units will they make it back.

If they really do make 60 bucks a unit that means they need to sell 500million/60bucks = 8333333 units roughly. This will only cover the cost of the marketing campaign and the manufacturing of the kinects as well. This does not cover shipping the units, cost of bundled games/software, money lost on bundling it with hardware, replacements etc. These numbers also dont even begin to take into account the cost of buying the company in the first place.

Im sure they will make the money back, you are correct there, but the numbers are far in excess of what you think they are. ALl of these numbers are based on a break even calculation, it doesnt include any actual profit taking...

Non_sequitur2788d ago

@ Darth
It isn't that simple. Subtract Cost of Goods and other expenses.

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SuperStrokey11232788d ago

Just point out that both can be experiencing great sales, and both are.

This isnt a PS3 vs 360 debate, this should be viewed as a casual vs hardcore debate and most of us fit into the hardocre category...

Unknow_Master2788d ago

i think not cause at least wii is fun!
nintendo does not have to pay people to play it or doesnt have to race against second place!
cause after second place is first loser

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GeoramA2788d ago

Yep. Shovelware, lag, fitness games...

Everything a casual gamer wants.

Nineball21122788d ago

Actually, the author of this article is making a really good, but obvious, point.

"He notes that stereotypical non-gamers — the same folks Microsoft is targeting — eventually lost interest in the Wii and didn’t buy enough software, and now monthly hardware sales are behind the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Major publishers eventually soured on the console as well."

That's the key. If Kinect can't be adapted for use with games that "core" gamers want, it won't be successful. And I think the same think about Move too, just to be clear.

Godmars2902788d ago

But the adaptability of the Move has already been shown. SOCOM 4, Heavy Rain and RE4. Titles that can be played either with a regular controller or Move giving devs the option to include it.

With Kinect the issue is going to be if, when physical controllers are introduced, they'll be the standard 360 ones or something new. Similar to the Move which in turn is a rip of the Wiimote which MS ha also commented negatively. Which wont really mean anything except to the fanboy wars.

poopoojames2788d ago

I think it's blatantly obvious there will be a kinect add-on controller released in the next year or two, if not they will at least incorporate the original 360 controller.

BIGBOSS082788d ago

lol wii? when wii was released literally everyone was talking about it. the only people hyping kinect are 360 fanboys and microsoft. no one else gives a shit.

Greek God2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

and zombies in america who watch commercials lol
they want to eat brainz because theirs is rotten and
they cant think for themselves

but not everybody is a zombie..
there should be still some survivors i think

thrust2788d ago

All the ps3 fanboys making each other feel better lol

SuperStrokey11232788d ago

couldnt we say that about the 360 fanboys too?

Either way they shouldnt be fighting each other. Teh fanboys should ban together in a hardcore vs casual battle. My enemies enemy is my friend. Casual motion gaming on both systems threatens the kind of quality of games we love.

BIGBOSS082788d ago

yes your right! WE WANT KINECT!! i want kinectimals and i want my console to listen to what i say! XBOX OFF..... permanently.

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