Kids are reacting well to Kinect

Wired: With this in mind it has been interesting to see their responses to Move controls on the PS3 and more recently the Xbox 360's Kinect controller.

At seven, five and four they represent a good spread of the very young end of the market, but each of them really struggled to get to grips with the Move's controls. It was the camera that was the biggest problem -- not only calibrating the controls and getting it setup, but when playing.

I was expecting a similar reception to Kinect. The camera controller didn't bode well I thought. But actually I couldn't have been more wrong.

Getting it setup was a dream in comparison to Move. I hadn't realised the 360's Kinect sensor bar was motorised which helped the system keep them in shot. After a quick calibration we managed to start our game of Kinect Sports with just voice control. "How did you do that?" they asked. "Magic," I said.

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